Falling Inlove With Hygge: How To Hygge Your Home For Fall

All week we have been watching the weather channel as it’s told us that we’d be getting our first cold front. Numbers like 50’s and 60’s getting thrown around. We try not to hold our breath, but damn a girl can dream! This morning it was pouring. That’s always a good sign that a coldfront […]


The other day, as I was texting a bumpdate to my girlfriends, my husband quipped, “I miss your Instagrammers”. That’s the term I would use whenever I’d stop him mid-sentence and ask him to take my picture in front of some hashtag-worthy backdrop. “Oh, this will be a great Instagrammer”. Truthfully, I don’t miss my […]

My 10 Maternity Wardrobe Basics On A Budget

I’ve always been super curious about this capsule wardrobe idea. But I never got around to trying it. Now that I’m pregnant, I thought it’d be a good opportunity. So I put together a list of some maternity wardrobe basics and figured out how to get them without breaking the bank. I have avoided buying […]

Does FOMO Keep You On Facebook?

We don’t realize how much white space we have in our lives, white space that we fill up with all of this noise. All of this Interent and news and social media and likes and follows and filters. All of the things we are doing all day to stay on brand and to keep our […]

I DID Read The Baby Books. I Read Them All!

Read All The Books, Learn All The Things I have been known to become a bit obsessive when I put my mind to things. I like to know all the things. I conduct meticulous research, combing the Internet, devouring books, asking strangers wildly inappropriate questions on my quest to find the answers. And being pregnant […]

Mom’s Salary: The $700k I’m NOT Making Every Year

This morning I was tasked with organizing all of my husbands documents for his taxes. My first thought was, “Shit, it’s already April?!”. Then I realized it was was October and I became nervous that I had totally forgotten to do my own taxes. I reached out to our accountant and she reminded me that […]

Perfect Is A Four Letter Word

I try so hard to be everything for everyone. I never want to disappoint. Especially the kids. It breaks my heart if I ever fall short for them, so I spend a lot of time going above and beyond to proactively compensate. The same goes for my husband. I never want him to catch me […]