I DID Read The Baby Books. I Read Them All!

Read All The Books, Learn All The Things I have been known to become a bit obsessive when I put my mind to things. I like to know all the things. I conduct meticulous research, combing the Internet, devouring books, asking strangers wildly inappropriate questions on my quest to find the answers. And being pregnant […]

Mom’s Salary: The $700k I’m NOT Making Every Year

This morning I was tasked with organizing all of my husbands documents for his taxes. My first thought was, “Shit, it’s already April?!”. Then I realized it was was October and I became nervous that I had totally forgotten to do my own taxes. I reached out to our accountant and she reminded me that […]

Perfect Is A Four Letter Word

I try so hard to be everything for everyone. I never want to disappoint. Especially the kids. It breaks my heart if I ever fall short for them, so I spend a lot of time going above and beyond to proactively compensate. The same goes for my husband. I never want him to catch me […]

Where Do Babies Come From?

The amount of times I’ve had to Google “what is ovulation” is embarrassing. If I would have known how difficult it actually is to get pregnant, I wouldn’t have spent the past 10 years of sexual activity in constant, certain panic that I was indeed “with child”. I always thought I was pregnant. Since my […]

Bump Ahead

“So Lauren, what the hell have you been doing for the past 6 months?” Valid question. I haven’t made any big announcement about this, with me not being online and all, but here it is. I’m pregnant. 26 weeks pregnant, to be exact. With a girl. And it seems like as soon as I saw […]

What I Learned From My Break With Social Media

I have returned from my abrupt departure. As some of you may have read in my final post before leaving the social media machine, I was involved in two separate bomb threats and evacuations at my stepson’s JCC pre-school. Here’s what happened. I like to go into the sauna after I work out so I […]

Why I’m Taking A Break From Social Media

The Internet has become bad for my health. Taking a break from social media until further notice. If you want to stay connect while I’m taking a break from social media, you can join my mailing list here (plus, get instant access to the email challenge I built to help you find your own brand of […]