What is YOUR Brand of Happy?

Do you know what YOUR brand of happy is? My brand of happy is living an authentic life and helping others serve those who need them. My brand of happy is a laptop lifestyle. My brand of happy is traveling around the world. Chatting with my girlfriends. Getting great deals when I’m shopping. Eating clean.

Let the light shine in: Tarot Guidance

Originally shared in my Facebook group, #mybrandofhappy ­čÖé   February 1, 2016 | The Hanged Man So, I like to pull a card at the beginning of every month to set my intention and ask for guidance. Today’s card really struck a chord so I wanted to share it with you all. The Hanged Man

Midweek Motivator: Lukey The Bird

This week’s Loey Midweek Motivator comes from Lukey The Bird. I was introduced to this by my friend Jenna who is one of the wonderful and inspirational teachers featured in this video (3:13). You may be asking, “Who is Lukey The Bird”?┬áLuke O’Brien is a classroom counselor who┬áprovides emotional support for the students at Camelot.

Midweek Motivator

Sometimes, it’s hard to get going. It can be called by many names. Writer’s block, laziness, lack of inspiration. The Loey Midweek Motivator is a weekly dose of motivation to help keep those creative juices flowing. Below is a reminder about┬áthe power of self-motivation that I wrote to myself in a moment of fierce writer’s