Having A New Baby Means…

Congratulations! You have a brand new baby. Life as you know it is about to completely change beyond recognition. And that’s okay. There’s nothing to be scared of. Change is good and everything is temporary. This crazy, messy, sleep deprived phase is short. And the best advice I can give you is to try and

Dear Moms: There’s No Right Way To Do This

Baby slept seven hours last night. SEVEN! She’s a day short of seven weeks. I’m not holding my breath quite yet because I know today there’s a chance I’ll be up every hour. But now I know she’s capable of that long of a stretch. And that’s a big milestone for us to hit. Of

The Baby Registry That Gives Back

My husband and I didn’t register anywhere when we got married. Mostly because we had been living together for long enough that we already had everything we needed. But also, because anything we needed we could just buy ourselves. And we knew that. It didn’t feel right to ask our friends and family for things.

Fed Is Best: My Breastfeeding Journey

I find it wildly inappropriate when strangers on the street ask me if I’m nursing. It blows me away! I was never expecting it. More people do this than ever asking if I was “about to pop” or rubbing my belly without consent. Feeding a newborn is an enormous responsibility. It’s our only way of knowing