Burnt Out

I haven’t been writing. Or reading. Or meditating. Or journaling. Or moving. Or cooking. I’ve just been…existing. Like, I’ll read a click bait news article or throw together some dinner. But I haven’t been doing anything to mindfully nourish my mind and body. And it shows. I can feel it. It snuck up on me

Getting Back Out There

Is anyone else feeling really anxious about “getting back out there”? My anxiety has kicked into full gear this past week with things starting to reopen. And it’s less about fear of the virus and more about changing my routine. Over the past couple of months, I have become used to staying home. When this


Quarantivities: Activities I busy myself with throughout the day to get through quarantine without crying into a bottle of wine👌🏼Some of my quarantivities so far have been,⁣⁣⁣⁣👚Bleach dying my entire closet ⁣⁣🍪Cooking and baking ⁣⁣🧹Cleaning the house ⁣⁣🌿Gardening ⁣⁣😝Making Tik Toks⁣⁣👟Taking walks ⁣⁣🎨 Arts and crafts ⁣⁣🌳 Going outside⁣⁣⁣All of these activities take me away

Author Milestones

I got some good news the other day. Really good news, actually. The kind of news that stops you in your tracks and sets your heart on fire. A couple of days before my 30th birthday, I got an email from an agent saying they’d like to move forward with my book. This is the

Crumbling Under The Pressure

I can’t take the pressure anymore. I’m crumbling beneath it. The pressure to keep everyone’s spirits lifted. The pressure to keep the house clean. The pressure to keep up with the kids schooling. The pressure to respond to every group chat and email. The pressure to cook healthy meals. The pressure to sanitize every package

On Turning Thirty

Thirty trips. Thirty trips on this floating spec spinning around a ball of fire. I am so proud of these thirty trips. I am so grateful for them. I look back on them with a heart full of every emotion I can conceive of. Interesting how in these moments of reflection, my head becomes noisy