26 Things I’ve Accomplished by 26

As I prepare to embark on yet another trip around the sun, I’ve begun taking stock in all of the accomplishments I’ve collected over the years. It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come while we’re so busy getting where we’re going. So, I wanted to remind myself just how much I’ve already accomplished as I look forward to everything else I plan on doing.

1. Published a book
2. Started a business26 years
3. Fell in love
4. Became a step-parent
5. Filed taxes on time
6. Paid off credit card
7. Said yes!
8. Built a website
9. Traveled all over the world
10. Quit sugar
11. Became a puppy mom
12. Got my tattoos
13. Lived on the beach
14. Moved in with my partner
15. Saw snow
16. Overcame an eating disorder
17. Taught myself to cook
18. Ran a 5k
19. Graduated Suma Cum Laude
20. Stopped eating meat
21. Learned to read tarot
22. 10 years of yoga & meditation
23. Learned to ride a bike
24. Coached happy, paying clients
25. Created a blog
26. Became a little more in control of my life ♥

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