4 Benefits of Growing Your Own Veggies

loey- 4 benefits of growing veggies

It’s Try It Tuesday here on the Loey blog and this week I am encouraging all of you to try growing your own veggies!

I have been a vegetarian for nearly six years now. Technically, I am a pescetarian, as I eat fish and seafood. But that’s always sounded like a religion to me.

It took time for me to learn how to balance my meat-free diet, but now that it’s a fully integrated part of my life, I can’t imagine going back. Along with the obvious health benefits it’s had, this lifestyle choice has also forced me to get creative in the kitchen. You’d be surprised at how many delicious and satisfying dishes you can create with vegetables.

Whether or not you eat meat, adding more vegetables to your diet is never a bad thing. But purchasing so much produce can get a bit pricey, not to mention it’s scary not knowing what’s being put into them. That’s why I started growing my own vegetables with Tower Garden by Juice Plus+.

Tower Garden is a vertical, aeroponic growing system which allows you to grow your very own clean and organic produce. And you don’t even need a yard! You can grow your tower garden on a front porch, balcony or even a roof top. As long as you have access to direct sunlight, you have access to fresh produce. It really simplifies the whole gardening process, which for me is a relief because I’ve never been much of a plant person. I have the opposite of a green thumb.

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Here are a few reasons why you should consider growing your own veggies

Health Benefits

Growing your own veggies is so much healthier than buying from the store. Even farmer’as markets have to transport their produce one way or another. By growing your own, you can guarantee your veggies are clean from pesticides, chemicals and GMOs. You can also make sure they are all 100% organic. The health benefits of eating clean are infinite. Longevity, increased energy, decreased signs of aging, digestive health, healthier skin and hair, better stamina. The list goes on.

Better for Environment

Growing your own veggies helps the planet. Gardening organically, without pesticides and herbicides, helps eliminate the earth’s burden of unnecessary air and water pollution. Along with that, you’ll be reducing the use of fossil fuels and the pollution that comes as a result of transporting  fresh produce from around the world  to your supermarket (typically in planes and refrigerated trucks).

Less Expensive

You’ll immediately see your grocery bill shrink as you start to, quite literally, reap what you sow. The cost of produce can be astronomical, especially if you’re trying to eat clean and organic fruits and vegetables. A packet of seeds costs less than a dollar. You can do the math.


Growing your own vegetable garden is fun! It brings with it such a sense of pride and accomplishment. And, it truly does make a difference to eat food that has been made with happy and positive energy. The more love you put into your garden and into the dishes you prepare with your vegetables, the more love you’re putting into yourself when you eat it.

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