I’m Lauren. I’m just a mom, staring at a sink full of dirty dishes, wiling them to clean themselves.

My Brand Of Happy is an idea that has been poking around inside of me for a very long time. It’d say things like, “the answers aren’t out there..they’re in here“. And I’d be like, “could you please be quiet, I’m re-watching The Office on Netflix for the fifth time”.

After falling into an on-again-off-again relationship with depression, I quit social media in an attempt to reconnect with what really matters to me. It was then that I realized I’ve lost touched with what makes me…me. I’ve been spending so much time online, consuming content and advice and news and media, that I couldn’t tell the difference between what I know to be true and what has been spoon fed to me. And since having a baby, everything I once knew to be true has all flown out the window and I’m basically starting from scratch.

So, here I am, figuring out what my own brand of happy is through a series of trial and error. Because when it comes to this whole life thing, we’re all pretty much learning on the job.

Some things you should know about me: I’m terrible at small talk, I love watch TV, I’m a vegetarian, I will wear leggings as pants for as long as I live, I like wordplay more than foreplay, I’ve published a book, I’m married and have 2 stepsons, I’m a new mom to a perfect baby girl, I love working with essential oils, and I always laugh at my own jokes. Always.