All Aboard

       I started this blog with the intention of saving the dimes of my fellow starving students. However, I slacked big time and didn’t get around to it. My bad. I have since graduated college and have entered the world of the post-grad, semi-responsible, twenty-something young professional. But, fear not, because money is still sparse in this world and there’s even more places to spend it. New work wardrobe, happy hours, first apartments and these things called “bills”. It adds up.
      I am also newly single after a life of serious relationship after serious relationship. I have been thrust full force into this new world of dating and it has brought on its own trials and tribulations that I would like to share and explore here.
     To top that off, I have just started my first, as I like to call it, “real person” job. I am now an Account Executive at a local Advertising Agency in Miami and finally can consider myself a contributing member of society. I am so happy to have landed my dream job right out of college. I love the office and I love the people I am working with, so coming into work everyday almost doesn’t feel like work. However, work life is not nearly as glamorous as it is made out to be, as I’ll explain in coming posts. It’s not exactly the MadMen scenario I imagined.
So let me break it all down:
I broke up with my long-term boyfriend, graduated college, moved into my first apartment, by myself, and started my first real job all in the matter of a few months. The transition has been a fast ride and hasn’t made any stops, so far. So I would like to bring you all along for the ride as I learn what the real world has in store for me. So hang on, because shit just got real.

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