Best Apps For Online Business Success (#4 is my favorite)

These are some of the best apps for online business success I’ve found so far!My favorite apps that I swear by when running my online business!

Since starting my business, I’ve tried & tested many different online apps to keep my content fresh, happy & organized. Below is a list of some of my favorites! I use these apps every single day and my business is better for that 🙂

Square Up

This is the online calendar system I use to schedule clients. It is super user friendly and beyond convenient! It organizes my entire schedule and sends me AND my clients text reminders of when our call is confirmed and when it’s coming up. It costs about $30 a month and it is SO worth it.

Canva + PicMonkey

I make every single graphic for my business using Canva and PickMonkey. I use the free version, but you can pay a small fee and get all the special extra features. I use it to make my logos, branding material, quote boxes, images and launch content. It’s the best! Here is a tutorial video I did about how to use PicMonkey. I include this in Module 3 of my online course*

Pexels + Unsplash and are where I get all my beautiful stock photography (like the one above). I use it because all the photos are under a CC0 License, which means they are free for personal and commercial use AND no attribution required.


I LOVE PINTEREST! Honestly, I use Pinterest for plenty of reasons besides my business (i.e I’m in the middle of planning a wedding). But it’s also a great resource for finding content for me to use and share with my audience. And I also search for other bloggers to follow and get inspiration from. And I’ve recently been learning from the lovely Melyssa Griffin how to optimize my blog for more traffic & lead generation with Pinterest!


This is the app I use to organize my email list. I’ve tried some of the free ones, but I was never happy with them. Aweber is about $20 a month and it does everything I need. I can send emails to my subscribers, set up automatic emails for my course material and create all my opt-ins, like the video I recorded of my 7 Ways to Authentically Brand Your Business.


I know I’m not the first person to discover Spotify. In fact, I’m probably the last person to discover it. I only recently subscribed to the app but it is by far my favorite way to listen & discover music. I wake up with it, work with it, create playlists for my clients with it, wind down with it and go to sleep with it. Spotify is basically my life partner.

What apps to you use to make running your business a happier, more organized experience? Let me know in the comments!


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