Attachment Parenting: 5 Products Every Attached Mama Needs

Attachment Parenting:  these 5 products help me easily move through the world with baby.

Maybe I’m a helicopter mom or really into attachment parenting or suffering from crippling separation anxiety, but I like bringing baby everywhere with me like I’m a mama kangaroo #sorrynotsorry

Over the past nine months, I think I have perfected (or should I say, perfcked-ed ), the art of bringing baby along for the ride. Below is a list of some of the gear I think are must-haves for attached mamas like me who want to keep baby close.

Attachment parenting: 5 items every attached mama needs

1) Baby Carriers
I used this ring sling more when she was tinier, but I know I can still use it now. It’s super versatile and I looove the company that makes it. This one has been sitting in my closet for months and I just recently started using it to wear her around the house and it is a godsend! And this one is my all time favorite. It’s perfect for running errands and traveling. It goes into 6 different positions! And the lumbar support is unreal. Also, all three are great for warm or cold weather.

capsule wardrobe for stay at home moms

blended family

2) Travel System
This is basically any stroller/car seat combo. These are great to have for a lot of different reasons. But I love mine the most during those moments when baby falls asleep in the car right as I pull into the parking lot to run an errand. I can transfer her car seat right to the stroller without waking her and let her continue her nap. So good! Here is the one I have.

3) Binxy Baby
I’ve shared my love for this product before. It has quickly become my go-to baby shower gift. It is so simple, yet so impressive. Great way to go shopping with baby before they can sit up in the cart. You can lay baby in the hammock or transfer the entire car seat to the hammock.

attachment parenting

4) Portable Play Yard
Guys! This thing has been such a game changer. I originally got it for the house, but as soon as she started crawling she didn’t like staying in there for very long. BUT, now we bring it to the beach and its the perfect spot for her to hang without crawling around in the sand and getting into trouble.

attachment parenting

5) Monkey Mat
This is another one I think I’ll be gifting to new moms, because it is one of the best quality baby products I’ve purchased so far. This thing is super lightweight, easily folds up into its own little zipper pouch (which is attached, so you can never lose it), it wipes clean, it’s waterproof, it’s weighted down in the corners. It’s the perfect blanket for park play dates, the beach, soccer games. You + baby need this thing.

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