Authentic Branding: 4 Words To Forget If You Want Confident Brand Voice

I believe confidence is the very first tool you need before embarking on launching a business. You need to first believe in the work you’re doing 110% before you can ever expect someone else to believe in it. And I’ve found, through working with my clients, that a lot of us face a very big confidence block. We’re afraid of “sounding too confident”. And I’m here to tell you that’s a BS excuse. Authentic branding starts with a confident voice.

4 words you need to FORGET if you want a confident brand voice. Authentic branding begins with a confident voice. Don't block yourself with these misconceptions about what confidence is.

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That’s why the first week of my authentic branding online course is ALL about building confidence. What confidence is, what it isn’t, how to get it and how to USE it. Your Brand Voice will always fall flat if your content is not backed with confidence. That’s why this is the first step. It sets a solid foundation for a successful brand. It takes a confident business woman to run a confident, successful business.

The trick to authentic branding is to harness a genuine confidence.

When you back your content with confidence, that stuff sells itself! Fake confidence is very easy to spot and definitely turns people off. But when you tap into that natural reservoir of relentless faith you have in yourself…you can be unstoppable.

According to this article, one of the best ways to harness that confidence is to “dress the part”. Wake up everyday and dress like the business owner you want to be. Yeah, you work from home. So do I. But I don’t sit around in my pj’s all day. Treat yourself as if you’ve already made it. Put yourself in that energy. Because your ego is going to be working around the clock to remind you that you haven’t.

Your ego tries to trick you into playing small. He convinces you confidence is a bad thing, and that you sound phony. But, for the record…confidence is NOT:

1. Arrogant

Arrogant means to be full of yourself. But that sounds like a great thing to be full of, no? I can see the negative side of being full of shit, or being full of hot air…which is usually what I think of when I hear the word “arrogant”. But being full of confidence in yourself is a great thing to be full of.

2. Salesy

Speaking confidently about the work you do is not salesy or sleazy or inherently bad. If you’re good at what you do and you’re speaking to people who need it…never shut up about it. They need your words!

3. Annoying

If someone thinks you’re annoying for believing in yourself, you shouldn’t be around that person. When someone else points their finger at you and says you’re annoying, they’re usually too afraid to do the thing you’re doing. By calling you annoying, they’re deflecting that emotion. For example, someone who thinks you’re “annoying” because you’re so confident is probably struggling to tap into their own confidence.

4. Pushy

You aren’t pushing anything on people who want your service. The trick to showing up on line is to find where your ideal client is hanging out and show up there (but first you need to get suuuuper clear on who your ideal client is, what they need to hear and where they are). If you’re giving them content you know they need, you aren’t pushing…you’re giving.

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