Authentic Online Branding: The 2 Steps You’re Probably Skipping

Hello hello! So, I’m finishing up with the free brainstorm sessions I gave away last week and I am blown away by the responses I’ve been getting! However, I’m starting to see a pattern. It seems like a lot of you are stuck in the same place when it comes to your authentic online branding: knowing the who and what of your business. This is keeping you from taking that next big step toward launching your self online and building that authentic brand presence.

I figured, if so many of you are stuck in the same place, I should share my tips + tricks with my entire loyal tribe. So, here goes.

How to make your authentic online branding finally happen!

Authentic Online Branding for your blog + biz [PIN NOW, READ LATER] I'm starting to see a pattern when working with client. It seems a lot of you are stuck in the same place. Knowing what you're doing and who you're doing it for. I want to help with that!

I think if you take some time to narrow in on what you’re selling and to whom, you’ll find creating content that garners consistent engagement will come a lot more easily. And when I say narrowing in on “what” you’re selling, I mean the story you’re selling. The emotion. The nerve you’re striking.

WHAT are you doing?!

Finding your authentic brand voice. What does it look like, sound like and feel like?

You obviously understand your business far more in depth than your potential clients. That’s the whole point. You want to share this passion with them. But right now your passion isn’t translating well over to online content, leaving your brand voice confused. Digging deep and figuring out exactly what is the essence behind what you’re offering will make achieving authentic online branding that much easier.

Through these first steps, we will take those scattered thoughts, words, passions and phrases and funnel them down step by step into one clear voice that articulates everything your brand is in a digestible version for your clients.

Your X-FACTOR word: We need to find the ONE word that describes your brand. That’s the first step, like the magic bean that grows the beanstalk. Words online are like a bank account. You have a very small space and window of time to reach the people who need you. I don’t want you wasting that space with the wrong words. Because that in turn wastes your time and money. The laundry list of buzzwords does nothing. Our work is in finding the ONE word that represents your brand. You brand may be this that and the other. But we need to portray it as “My brand is X”.

We need to then delve in and understand exactly what that word means. We need to have an intimate relationship with that word. What does it represent, connote, feel like, look like. Because that in turn becomes the essence of your brand and the sound of your voice. Our work is in first finding your x factor, defining it, and crafting it to fit your specific needs. This creates consistency and allows writing the online content to come and flow more naturally. Because its all coming from a single source.

→ What is your X-Factor?

Your mission statement offers context to the intention behind your x-factor. Why are you X? What is the purpose of X? What does X mean to you? You don’t need to share this in your content. You just need to craft it for yourself to give yourself a clearer insight. This helps narrow the focus of your voice. I go into crafting mission statements a bit more in this post.

→ What is your Mission Statement?

Now that we have a clearer understanding of what your brand message is, who needs to hear it and how you want to say it, I can begin putting together your Brand Voice Guidelines. This serves as a template for you to use when crafting online content. What verbiage to use, the style of your brand and the tone of voice. From there we can begin injecting your new and improved brand voice into your online content!

WHO are you doing it for?!

Before we begin crafting your brand voice we need to understand what your brand’s message is and who needs to hear it. These questions will help bring clarity to your brand message. Here we go!

Introduce me to your brand:

  1. What is the name of your brand?
  2. What service do you provide?
  3. What social media platforms does your brand currently have presence on? How often do you post content?
  4. Five words to describe your brand.
  5. What do you want your brand to represent?

Introduce me to your ideal client:

Demographics are quantifiable characteristics, things you can count, see and categorize.
Ideal Client Demographics (answer all that apply)
● Age-
● Race-
● Location-
● Gender-
● Socio-economic-
Marital status

Psychographics is the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. This area of research focuses on interests, attitudes, and opinions.
Ideal Client Psychographics (answer all that apply)
● What service do they need?
● What would their life be like without your service?
● What is their biggest hardship?
● What will make their life better?
● What is their current attitude toward the world and their situation?
● What their current opinion of themselves?
● What is their value system like?

I also did a free training all about how to achieve more authentic online branding. You can access the replay, here.

If you have any questions, or just want to chat more about this, leave a comment below and we’ll be in touch! Remember, I offer free discovery calls if you ever want to learn more about what I do.

In case you’re wondering, here is some more info about how I can help you achieve more authentic online branding for your blog + biz. I do Brand Therapy where you can sign up for packages of brainstorm calls with me where I create execution strategies for you with actionable steps to hold yourself accountable. The plan for the calls are individualized for your specific needs, so we will come up with a plan together for what we go over on each call. I also do more intensive private coaching where I’ll have 6 calls with you and write content for you so you can have a clear example of what your brand voice looks like as online content. If you’d like to see what some of my past clients have to say about working with me, you can read my testimonials here.

And, if you haven’t already, I’d love for you to join my private FB group. It’s good people in there, I think you’ll like it.

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