5 Types of Social Media Posts to Spark Authentic Online Engagement

Social media is a powerful tool, and it’s important to learn how to use it to your advantage as an online business owner. Social media offers many different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) and therefore offers us a very wide audience. This helps our content reach farther than we ever could. However, if our content isn’t clear, targeted and focused…it doesn’t matter how far it gets because it will never land. We need to focus on created content that’ll spark authentic online engagement.

5 Types of Social Media Posts to Spark Authentic Online Engagement. Bloggers + entrepreneurs, try these 5 posts with your audience, today!

Below are a few examples of posts you can use right now to spark some real, authentic online engagement from your audience.

1. Media

Why? To keep a consistent aesthetic, offer a glimpse of your personality (likes, hobbies, worldview) and to keep your page dynamic. The media you choose should all fall under your Brand Voice and be an authentic extension and representation of your personality.

Ex: Videos, articles, podcasts, photos, etc.

2. Spotlight on someone else/Shout out/Client success story

Why? To connect with other people! Share their stuff, reach out to them, get to know them. Maybe you two can collaborate, or at the very least they’ll return the favor and share your stuff on their page which will introduce you to a whole new crowd. PLUS, sharing your client’s success stories is the best advertisement for your services. 

3. Question/Conversation

Why? ENGAGEMENT! Authentic online engagement. Get people commenting on your post and you’ll see how quickly your engagement increases. The more comments the more it shows up in people’s new feed. It’s all a part of the Facebook algorithm. They try to encourage engagement and conversation. Use that to your advantage! And if you ask the right questions, you can gather important data about your audience by tapping into what they need and what their pain points are. 


  1. What goals have you set for yourself this week?
  2. Where are you most stuck when it comes to you business?
  3. Share a quote or mantra that is keeping you focused this morning!

4. Cross Promotion

Why? Connect other social media! Use one platform to promote the other. You exist across different social media channels. Connect those followings and create one giant, all-encompassing fan base! 

5. Pitch/Freebie

Why? To remind people what you do. Never be afraid of being “too salesly”. As long as your content is backed with the intention that you are sharing this in order to HELP people, it will come off that way to those who need it. Always be adding value. Give quality free content away on your social media and show people the true value of your work. They are more inclined to sign up for freebies to get a feel for what it’d be like working with you before making the big investment.

Try these 5 posts out for yourself and see the authentic online engagement they generate for your blog + biz! If you want to learn more about how to take advantage of the social media machine to reach your ideal audience, we should chat! And trust me, I LOVE to chat. I could talk all day about turning your passion into a profitable online business. Sign up for a free call with me to get started. 


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