Blog Post Ideas: 4 Posts To Write When You’re Stuck

Running your own business offers so much freedom. You can work from anywhere, make your own schedule and help all the people who need your service. However, this freedom can be a double-edged sword. Sometimes, working from home can leave us uninspired. We can get stuck in, what I like to call, an “idea drought” for blog post ideas.

REPIN FOR LATER: Blog posts you can write whenever you're feeling stuck!

As bloggers and online entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to always offer value. That’s what keeps our audience engaged. And quality content doesn’t write itself. So, rather than letting your online presence go silent when you’re in the middle of an idea drought, I like to have a list of posts I can always write that’ll offer my audience value.

Below are a few examples of blog post ideas you can write when you feel like you’re stuck.

Think of them as evergreen ideas that you can always write, no matter your inspiration level. They’re simple, you have all the content already and your audience wants/needs to read it.

Gather up some questions that you’ve been asked about what you do. Either from friends & family, clients you’ve worked with in the past, or questions you anticipate being asked in the future. Pose those questions in a blog post and then…ANSWER them. These posts are great from a couple of reasons.

1. They serve as promotion for your product/service
2. They’re easy to write

Also, you can write more than one. You can write a FAQ about what you do. Then another FAQ about how you got started. Another FAQ about how you stay motivated. Think of questions people would ask you and then answer them. It’s that simple!

A day in the life
These are some of my favorite posts to read (and write). And they can take many forms. You can walk your readers through your morning routine, the meals you eat in a day, your daily schedule. Show them, chronologically, what a day in YOUR life looks like. They’re your audience for a reason. They want that sneak peek inside. Give it to them!

You’ve been doing this for a while. You’ve learnt what you like and what you don’t like. Share it with your audience! What are your favorite business tools, fall trends, clean recipes, TV shows. Write out a list of your favorite things and give your readers a glimpse inside. (Bonus: make sure to link out to all the things you mention to boost your SEO).

Find another bossbabe you admire and interview her! Send out a list of questions to some of your biz friends, favorite bloggers and mentors. Keep them archived and use them when you need a blog to post. Introduce these people to your audience and give them a different perspective to read from. It changes up the voice of your blog and offers your audience and new point of view.

I know how difficult it seems to ALWAYS be offering quality, valuable content. It seems like a super daunting task, but it’s really not. You just need to know what tricks to put into place to make it easier for yourself. I like to keep a running list of blog post ideas, like this one, to turn to when I’m feeling stuck.

If you want to chat more about how to come with a winning strategy for your blog and brand, click here to sign up for a free call with me! We can go over where you’re stuck and see how I can help! Your ideal audience is out there and they’re dying to hear from you. Don’t keep them waiting.

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