To-Do Lists Of Things I Actually Want To Do: BOOKS

I spend all day preoccupied with my “to-do” list. So much so, that I’ve actually built an entire “to-do” list system just to make sure I’m as productive as possible.

But I want to start making “to-do” lists of shit I actually want to do. Like all of those trends I want to try, books I want to read, places I want to see. Maybe if I turn those things into bulleted, color-coded, organized lists I might actually prioritize them. And if I start prioritizing them, maybe I’ll actually do them.

So, for my first installment of “to-do lists of things I actually want to do”…all the books I want to read. I am notorious for starting 5 books at once and never finishing any of them. My bedside table serves as a monument for all the half-read books I’ve started and keep telling myself I’ll finish.

Along with the towering stacks of unread books literally looming over my head as I sleep, I have an Amazon cart that’s busting at the seams with titles I still need to purchase. Below is a list of all the books I actually want to read in their entirety. From cover to cover.

My hope is that by listing them out here, for the world to see, that I’ll actually hold myself accountable to reading them, to-doing them.

*I’ve actually been able to cross this one off the list since writing this post. It was SO good you guys. Highly recommend. PLUS, Jen has offered to include a copy of her book as a prize in my upcoming giveaway. Hell yeah! I’ll be announcing that on IG soon, so make sure to follow along.

I’ve also linked all the books, if you feel like reading them with me! Do you?! Because I’d love a book buddy. We can start a little book club, but instead of discussing the books we can just cheer each other on to get them finished!

What books are on your list?




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