Quarantivities: Activities I busy myself with throughout the day to get through quarantine without crying into a bottle of wine👌🏼Some of my quarantivities so far have been,⁣⁣⁣⁣👚Bleach dying my entire closet ⁣⁣🍪Cooking and baking ⁣⁣🧹Cleaning the house ⁣⁣🌿Gardening ⁣⁣😝Making Tik Toks⁣⁣👟Taking walks ⁣⁣🎨 Arts and crafts ⁣⁣🌳 Going outside⁣⁣⁣All of these activities take me away

On Turning Thirty

Thirty trips. Thirty trips on this floating spec spinning around a ball of fire. I am so proud of these thirty trips. I am so grateful for them. I look back on them with a heart full of every emotion I can conceive of. Interesting how in these moments of reflection, my head becomes noisy