The other day, as I was texting a bumpdate to my girlfriends, my husband quipped, “I miss your Instagrammers”. That’s the term I would use whenever I’d stop him mid-sentence and ask him to take my picture in front of some hashtag-worthy backdrop. “Oh, this will be a great Instagrammer”. Truthfully, I don’t miss my

Perfect Is A Four Letter Word

I try so hard to be everything for everyone. I never want to disappoint. Especially the kids. It breaks my heart if I ever fall short for them, so I spend a lot of time going above and beyond to proactively compensate. The same goes for my husband. I never want him to catch me

Why I’m Taking A Break From Social Media

The Internet has become bad for my health. Taking a break from social media until further notice. If you want to stay connect while I’m taking a break from social media, you can join my mailing list here (plus, get instant access to the email challenge I built to help you find your own brand of