Burnt Out

I haven’t been writing. Or reading. Or meditating. Or journaling. Or moving. Or cooking. I’ve just been…existing. Like, I’ll read a click bait news article or throw together some dinner. But I haven’t been doing anything to mindfully nourish my mind and body. And it shows. I can feel it. It snuck up on me

Getting Back Out There

Is anyone else feeling really anxious about “getting back out there”? My anxiety has kicked into full gear this past week with things starting to reopen. And it’s less about fear of the virus and more about changing my routine. Over the past couple of months, I have become used to staying home. When this

Maybe writing it out helps. Maybe not.

It’s only 930am. And I already feel like this day has won. I already feel defeated. I already feel flattened. I know that feeling can change just as quickly, but right now, I’m down. I’ll be up again eventually, sure. But right now, I’m down. And I have four people who need me to not

Crumbling Under The Pressure

I can’t take the pressure anymore. I’m crumbling beneath it. The pressure to keep everyone’s spirits lifted. The pressure to keep the house clean. The pressure to keep up with the kids schooling. The pressure to respond to every group chat and email. The pressure to cook healthy meals. The pressure to sanitize every package

I Talk Too Much

I talk too much. I talk about my feelings instead of feeling my feelings. I talk and write and share and release so I never have to feel. So I never have to confront what’s in my heart. I stay up inside my head so I never have to drop down into my heart. I

We Are Safe

We are safe. We are healthy. We are together. We are lucky. This is my new daily mantra. ⁣⁣⁣⁣I wake up every morning the same way. Scared, anxious, sad. Instead of judging those “negative” feelings, I just notice them and give them space to move through me, trusting that they will. Then I do the