Why My Blended Family Has A Team Name

A few years ago, my family was watching a movie. My family being myself, my boyfriend (now husband) and his two boys. We were cuddled up on the couch watching a movie and a man came on screen sporting a rather impressive mustache. Out of nowhere, his youngest son shouted out, “Look! Mustack!”. He wasn’t

A Letter To My Daughter

May you always know your worth. Always know there’s strength in tenderness. In compassion. In silence. May you know the power of your words and use them for good. May you use your voice for those who have none. May you stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Reclaim your light when others

Losing Yourself In Motherhood & Finding Yourself Again

I’m so tired. Like completely drained, bone dry, can’t move tired. My eyes hang with heavy lids and dark circles begging to just stay shut. My brain is grasping at straws just trying to form sentences. My body aches because it never stops moving. Never stops giving. I live moment by moment, running on fumes.

Mother’s Intuition Is Real. Trust It.

Sometimes I feel like I’m doing everything wrong. Like I’m failing. Like I can’t be what everyone needs me to be. And it’s a suffocating feeling. What the experts don’t tell you in all of their books and blogs and articles and videos is how hard it is to remember, let alone consistently implement, all

Marriage: A Balancing Act Of Compromise & Compassion

Nothing makes me happier than seeing these two together. Marriage is such a complicated thing. You love this person with everything that you have while simultaneously plotting their death every time they breathe the wrong way in bed. Sometimes it’s like we’re speaking different languages. And sometimes finding time for each other feels like an endless

The Identity Crisis That Comes With Motherhood

My husband snapped this photo while we were eating dinner the other night. A dinner I ordered from Uber eats because I was both too lazy to cook and too lazy to pick something up. I was tired. The kind of tired that morphs you into a different person. One who can’t put their words

The Kids Are Alright

I get so annoyed when people comment on my parenting. They use the justification that that’s how they were raised and they “turned out just fine”. Like, yeah, but it’s been 100 years since then and we’ve learned a thing or two…so I’m going to go ahead and put on sunscreen and wear my seat

Having A New Baby Means…

Congratulations! You have a brand new baby. Life as you know it is about to completely change beyond recognition. And that’s okay. There’s nothing to be scared of. Change is good and everything is temporary. This crazy, messy, sleep deprived phase is short. And the best advice I can give you is to try and