Weekly Inspo: Loey loves…

I spend the majority of my time scouring the Internet for inspiration. There are so many remarkable, hilarious, creative and ingenious people out there sharing their gifts for us to consume and learn from. So, I’d like to share some of my favorites every week in a new series I’m calling “Loey loves…” 1 Hilary at

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (The Worst)

So, I’ve just found out that not only will Mercury be going into retrograde a couple days before I begin my 26th spin around the sun…but FOUR other planets will be joining it! Subtle, universe. Real subtle. When I hear about planets going into retrograde my first reaction is to pick up my stomach from

The 10 Stages Of Running Your Own Business (As Told By Giphs)

The road to success with your own business is winding. There are moments of sheer brilliance coupled with moments of absolute terror. It’s equally as scary as it is fulfilling. Running your own business never smooth sailing, but you eventually strike a balance between the dichotomy of doubting your work and having relentless confidence in

Finding Ideal Clients: 4 Places Your Tribe Is Hanging Out

As a spiritually-guided woman & business owner, I make a very conscious effort to surround myself with a strong tribe (and remove myself from energies that no longer serve me). The old adage is true…your vibe attracts your tribe. You’re responsible for who you attract into your life, so it’s important to keep your vibe

10 #BossBabe Quotes To Get You MOVING!

  #BOSSBABE INC. is a lifestyle brand that teaches ambitious millennial business-minded women how to take full personal responsibility over their lives and put their happiness first.  These girls curate the best inspiration. Their online content is authentically branded, it resonates with their ideal clients and it’s backed with relentless confidence. Just my style! Below are a few #bossbabe