Consistent Branding: How To Stay On Brand, Online

You are your brand. Your gift is your message. Your voice is the vehicle to share that message. Knowing this, it’s easier to inject an authentic voice into your online content and create consistent branding. All you have to do is be yourself, own your gift and share it with the people who need it. The trick is making sure what you’re saying resonates with those people. How do we this? Funny you should ask! That happens to be my specialty.

HOW TO achieve consistent brand when you're just getting starting with your business/brand/blog.

Consistent branding starts with your brand voice!

Clear brand voice leads to successful brand presence. Branding struggles often stem from one very simple place- an unclear brand voice. You see, brand voice is the very important step that comes BEFORE branding your business. You can’t have a successful brand presence online without a clear brand voice. Craft a clear, confident and authentic brand voice FIRST. Then you’ll see how naturally consistent branding follows.

It’s important to understand that Brand Voice is something that must be cultivated. It evolves as we do. Our brands aren’t stagnant, permanent things. They are living and breathing organisms that exist as a result of our ever-growing passion. The more we learn about our business, the more people we can help. The more people we help, the more stories we hear. The more stories we hear, the more insight we gain. It’s an infinite funnel of growth and potential. Remember that.

Don’t doubt your current brand voice because it doesn’t sound right. That only means you don’t think YOU sound right. Look within, wrap your hands around that muscle we call confidence and pump that baby up! As soon as you become confident and own your gift, you will begin to see how quickly the clarity comes to your content and consistent branding begins to take form.

Here’s a trick I tell my clients to make sure their online content always stays on brand and guarantee consistent branding. Every time you post something, make sure it speaks to your ideal client and ties back to your brand. If not, its probably not something you need to be posting. The beauty in this, however, is in the fact that almost everything you are called upon to post online can probably be tied back to your brand. Its like a game of connect the dots. If you see a picture or a quote or an article that you really want to post to your page, take a moment to reflect on WHY you’re being drawn to post it. What emotion does that piece of content evoke, how can seeing this help your followers. That’s how you tie it back to your brand. You bring context to that piece of content.

Every bit of content you share online is a reflection of your personality. As soon as you recognize how synchronized your personality and your brand are, you’ll see that everything you want to post is relevant. Your only job is conveying that relevance through context.

For example, I posted this list of “the most wonderfully worded sentences in literature” on my brand page. Why? Because I love words and I love reading. It’s an intrinsic part of my personality and therefore an intrinsic part of my brand. Now, how do I add context to this piece of content, tying it back to my brand, making it resonate with my followers?

how to stay on brand, online


I first take a moment and reflect on why I was drawn to it in the first place. Yes, this post doesn’t directly communicate BRAND VOICE. However, Reading is important to me. It is one of my self-love rituals. Self-love rituals are a method I cultivate for my clients to boost their confidence. Once they’re confident, I can then help them craft their brand voice and teach them how to use it to show up bigger online. I connect the dots backwards and find the context that’s hiding beneath the surface. I don’t have to spell this out in my post, but knowing it allows me to post with intention. From there, I go a step further and ask my followers to engage with me, task them what they’ve been reading. One, because I genuinely want more books to read. But two, because I want to create an atmosphere where my followers know that the intention of my brand is to engage in conversation.

Stop second-guessing whether or not you should post something to your brand page.

INSTEAD, connect the dots and figure out how it can be valuable to your followers.

Your brand page showcases your expertise and experience. Post with intention, believe in your work and speak in your most authentic voice. That is the true recipe for a powerful + consistent branding that really resonates with ideal clients.

Keep these tips in mind as you’re growing your big & beautiful brand. Even on your personal page, you want to maintain a very specific personality and voice. LIVE your brand. Always have it in mind when you’re presenting yourself online. Eventually you won’t even have to think about the content you’re posting because it’ll be so natural.

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