Does Manifestation Work? It Does If You Do! (Plus Free Video)

Manifestation, law of attraction, visualization. I’ve been seeing these buzz words a lot lately. So, does manifestation work? As much as I value these principles, I know they only work if you do.

Does manifestation even work? It does, if you do. Learn how to attract more of what you want for your blog + biz. PLUS, a free video!

Setting intentions and becoming an energetic match for what you desire is only the first step. You still have to go out and get what you want. Do the work. The universe isn’t going to just hand you what you ask for. You have to actively create the life you desire. The universe will make space for you to do that through the practice of these tools. That’s why it’s called a spiritual practice.

You can’t just cut out a picture of what you want, make a vision board and expect it to show up in your life. Yes, vision boarding helps you become more of an energetic match. But there is far m ore work to be done after gluing the picture to the paper.

So when you ask yourself, “Does manifestation work?”, remember that it will only work if you do. In the video below I riff on this topic and offer some practical ways to incorporate more magic into your life & biz 🙂

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