Facebook For Business: What To Share, Where (Personal vs Business)

We all reach this crossroad on our journey to brand our business online. We have our personal page and we’ve launched our business page and we don’t know what to post, where. Clients come to me with this block all the time. How to work Facebook for business. They have more friends on their personal page so they want to post all their business content there. Cross-promotion. This is a fine idea in moderation. But it should not be the rule. Yes, you have a lot more friends than followers AT FIRST. But those few hundred friends you have on FB are not your ideal client. So, sharing your targeted brand content with them doesn’t do much. It falls on deaf ears. Instead, use that energy to post the right content in the right places to effectively enhance your brand & take advantage of Facebook for business.

Facebook for business: Learn what to post where. Your personal page vs your professional page.

Facebook for business: Personal vs Professional

Your personal page promotes you as a brand. Your personality. Remember, you are your brand. Therefore, the bits of your life that you share online are most likely going to be “on brand”. Because they convey you as a person. They share your essence. That essence lives in your business. So when you’re posting on your biz page, it will have the same voice. But your biz page promotes your business. This is where you share your offers, packages & knowledge of the industry. Because the people who follow your business are doing so to consume that type of content.

Here is a quick guide I use for myself and my clients when craft winning social media content. The difference between biz & personal page is slight but significant.


Your personal FB page and your Instagram are where you should be sharing your life. Shots of you at that concert, an inspirational quote, an article of animals in human clothes. The bits and pieces of life that inspire you, fill you up and make you YOU. Here’s the distinction. Your personal content sells the lifestyle your ideal clients want. You have gotten where you are and live the life you do because you know what you’re doing. You practice what you preach. So, but showcasing this life you are showing your followers what they can have. You’re selling them what they want. The lifestyle.


So, your personal content sells them what they want, right? Well, your Business content GIVES them what they NEED. That’s the beauty of Facebook for business. This is where you post the tools they need to achieve that desired lifestyle. You offer tips & tricks, free content and of course all your products and services. You can easily share a post or two on your personal page/Instagram to cross-promote. But it’s important to create boundaries so you’re using each to its fullest potential. People follow YOU for your brand, your essence, your voice. Make sure that exists in everything you do. Set the stage on your personal pages, put your money where your mouth is on your biz pages/accounts.

I say post everything on your website first. All of your content. Blogs, vlogs, optins, teachings. Host it ALL on the site to boost traffic. (You can also re-purpose your online content…which I go more into, here). Make sure to share your biz page on your personal page and encourage your friends to like it. Let them know what all you offer and what type of content they’ll be seeing. That’ll get more people on your biz page since more people are friends with you there. WARNING: Make sure not to be that girl posting the same things over and over in every group on every page. The point is to post with intention (here is a post about how to post with consistency, not repetition).

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