Find Ideal Clients Online: Show Up In Front Of Your Tribe

I see this one particular question come up A LOT among my clients and in the groups I’m a part of. Where are my ideal clients hiding? How can I start working with them? The answer is pretty simple, but the execution is where people get stuck. Here’s how to find ideal clients online!

find ideal clients

You ready for the big answer? How can you start working with you ideal clients today…like right now?


Ah, so simple. Yes, maybe so. But the fact of the matter is there is an art to finding your ideal clients online. First you must get super clear on who your ideal clients even are. How can you find someone if you don’t know who they are. Also, you must understand why it’s YOUR job to find ideal clients and not the other way around.

At this point, everyone and their mom has started an online business. And on the one hand, that’s incredible! Go us! The more people helping people the better. Give your gift! Yet, on the other hand, this causes the marketplace to be very over saturated. Knowing this, its easy to understand why we can’t expect our clients to go out and find us. There are too many other people doing something similar who are showing up in front of them.

That’s why it is OUR job to show up, every single day, and give what our ideal clients need. Because the people who need your gift need YOUR specific brand of that gift. So when you create content that resonates with their specific needs and strikes a chord, and then you go out and FIND where they’re hanging out online and share your content in front of them…that’s how you find ideal clients and get to work with them.

Below are a few things you can do everyday find ideal clients by showing up where they’re hanging out online.

Know your ideal clients

What’s the point of creating content and sharing it online if it’s falling on deaf ears? And when you’re posting content without truly understanding who needs it, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You have to know who you’re speaking to, know your audience. What’s their lifestyle like, what voice do they need, what are their biggest struggles right this minute? Here is a worksheet I give clients when we’re first getting started to help them figure out who their ideal clients are.

Join Facebook groups

Facebook groups are hands down the best way I’ve found to show up in front of my ideal clients. That’s where they’re hanging out all day. They’re in there asking questions and sharing their stories and by being in there with them I’m able to directly engage on a daily basis. This is huge! Once you figure out who your ideal client is and where they are, your job is simply giving them what they need. Show up in the groups and offer value. Answer their questions. Position yourself as an expert. Over time, they’ll start to see you as one. And not just any “one”, but as the “one” they need. 

These are a few of my absolute favorite FB groups. I’m here all day. This group is full of supportive women. And this group is a great place to get advice.

Choose your keywords wisely

Keywords are one of the few ways your ideal clients can find you. However, this post is about how YOU can find ideal clients. You need to do the work to understand what keywords they’re looking up in the first place. This article sums up the importance of keywords quite well. They’re a free way to drive your audience to you, rather than you going out and looking for them. And DO NOT try guessing your keywords. This is the biggest mistake bloggers & online business owners seem to make. Do your research and really know which keywords your audience is searching. A quick trick I use is I’ll type something into Google and see what the suggested searches are, because they’re the ones most people are searching. For example, for this post, I went to Google and typed in “how to, ideal client”. And the suggested searches were how to define, identify, describe and find your ideal client. So those are keywords I’ll use in this post and in my SEO so that my audience can find me when they’re trying to learn more about this topic.

Speak their language

I could talk forever about how important having a strong brand voice is. It’s why I went into business. I see so many bloggers & online entrepreneurs sharing their content online without backing that content with clarity and confidence. If your strategy is to throw what you can at the wall and hope somethings sticks, you’re truly wasting your time. And your time is way too valuable to be wasted like that. Figuring out your brand voice is the step before branding yourself online. You can’t have a successful online presence without first solidifying your voice. I did this free training about my 7 steps to authentically brand your voice online. If this is something you’re struggling with, you should definitely check it out!

If you ever want to chat about coming up with a strategy for you to start showing up in front of the people who need you, I’d love to help! You can schedule a free call with me to get started and see if you’re into my style of brainstorming. From there, we can talk about the how of your branding. I want to help you execute an online strategy that gets your gift closer to the people who need it. I offer 1-on-1 private coaching as well as brainstorm packages. In the meantime, make sure to check out my FB page, because I’m always giving out free tips & content. If you’re into happy, authentic, no BS advice for your life & biz…then we’re going to get along just fine.

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