Finding Ideal Clients: 4 Places Your Tribe Is Hanging Out

As a spiritually-guided woman & business owner, I make a very conscious effort to surround myself with a strong tribe (and remove myself from energies that no longer serve me). The old adage is true…your vibe attracts your tribe. You’re responsible for who you attract into your life, so it’s important to keep your vibe high and your efforts focused. Finding ideal clients is YOUR job. They aren’t going to all come flocking to you. You need to do the legwork and go find them where they’re hanging out.

PIN FOR LATER | 4 places your ideal clients are hiding (online + offline)

The Internet gives us an enormous, global space to connect with like-minded people. And if you know how to use it, you can find your tribe right from your laptop. However, it’s also important to physically connect with your tribe of people. Sit down, face to face, and talk about life. Here are a few ways I’ve learned to meet more people who I can really hang with.

Here are 4 places you can look to make finding ideal clients a lot easier.

Facebook Groups

When I first started my business, I joined EVERY Facebook group I could finding ideal clients. I was trying to find my tribe, so I used some key words that resonate with the type of people I was looking for. “Spiritual” “Boss Lady” “Entrepreneur” “Authentic”. After joining about 30 groups, I started hanging out and seeing which ones made more sense for me. Some turned out to be the perfect fit while others I decided to remove myself from. It took trial and error, but now I am very happy with the balance I’ve struck. I’ve met amazing friends in my online groups as well as signed multiple clients. Eventually, I created my own Facebook group to help others find a place where they feel supported and uplifted. If you haven’t already, check out my group #MyBrandOfHappy.


I basically pick up chicks on Instagram. This might sound creepy, but just hear me out. So, the way I use Instagram to find new friends is by finding profiles that resonate with me and simply reaching out to their curators. I usually comment on a post I like and ask them if they’d want to grab a cup of coffee with me (if they’re local) or if they’d want to chat with me online. I usually get a response, and more often that not I get a new friend! The best way I’ve found to do this is to search through hashtags. I like to localize my searches, because I’m trying to build my local tribe. So, since I’m in South Florida I’ll look up #southfloridabusiness, #miamibossbabe or #southfloridablogger. My Instagram is @loeyblog if you want to connect!

Pro Tip: I’m in the midst of planning a wedding, and I’ve used Instagram to find almost ALL of my vendors. And a huge plus is that most our like-minded business owners who have become new friends AND potential clients 🙂

Local Events

This one sounds like common sense, but it can be tricky FINDING the right events. Especially if you don’t have a tribe of friends suggesting things to do/joining you on your search. This takes a level of outgoing-ness but it’s so worth it! You can try sites like, or Facebook Events to find things to do in your area. And it is 100% okay to go to these events completely by yourself. The point is to meet new people. Put yourself out there, strike up conversations and connect with your local tribe. Sometime finding ideal clients means starting local.

Being Set Up

Yep, this is exactly what it sounds like. I want you to ask your friends to set you up with people who they think you’ll get along with. It’s like dating, but for tribe members instead of romantic partners. I do it all the time and it’s been super successful…and WAY more fun that actually dating. Go to dinner, happy hour, grab a cup of coffee and just chat about life & biz. Connecting with new people and hearing their stories is the best way to keep your perspective fresh, stay inspired and learn from other’s experiences.

As always, keep your mind and heart open and enjoy the journey to your brand of happy. I love you. If you need more help finding ideal clients, shoot me an email at and we can set up a free call to work it out. Also! Make sure to download your FREE copy of the My Brand Of Happy ebook! Sign up form is over there on the right side bar →


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