Grow Your Blog On Social Media: Ditch The FB Ads, Go Organic!

“Grow your blog on social media”

“Get more likes, comments & shares”

“This post is performing 90% better than all other posts. Boost it to get more great results!”

Focus your energy on getting your work in front of the people who need it. Offer value, show up and share your gift. That's how you grow your blog.

This is NOT the point of creating & sharing online content. Don’t let Facebook bully you into paying for more “likes, comments & shares”. Focus your energy on getting your work in front of the people who need it. Offer value, show up and share your gift. That’s your only job. Getting “likes, comments & shares” comes naturally when you’re creating authentic and consistent content. You’re not here to be popular, you’re here to help people.

Just like anything else that’s natural & organic…this will take a bit more time. But that’s how you know you’re building something that’ll last. It’s like taking an antibiotic when you’re sick. It makes you feel better faster, but it doesn’t eradicate the root problem. Buying ads can get you a quick boost in likes and numbers…but does that equate to paying clients? NO!

You don’t need to pay for ads to grow your blog on social media.

The last time I paid Facebook to run an ad or promote my page was over two months ago. There’s value to allocating some of your budget to ad dollars. Like when you’re launching a new product or service, for example. But paying for presence doesn’t get you real results. It gets you numbers. And a lot of likes doesn’t equal a lot of clients.

The problem is we get too focused on the vanity metrics, like the comments/likes/followers, and we forget about what really matters…creating valuable content that resonates with our ideal audience. Paying for numbers just boosts your vanity metrics, it hardly ever converts to loyal tribe members.

Here are a few ways to grow your blog and get in front of your tribe without having to pay Facebook to put you there:

Facebook Groups

When I first started my business, I joined EVERY Facebook group I could.  After joining about 30 groups, I started hanging out and seeing which ones made more sense for me. Some turned out to be the perfect fit while others I decided to remove myself from. It took trial and error, but now I am very happy with the balance I’ve struck. I’ve met amazing friends in my online groups as well as signed multiple clients. I show up in these groups every week and offer value. My content is backed with authentic confidence which allows the other group members to trust I know what I’m talking about. They trust me, follow me & want to work with me. It takes time to nurture those relationships, but those are the ones that last.

Build A Community

Eventually, I created my own Facebook group to help others find a place where they feel supported and uplifted. If you haven’t already, check out my group My Brand Of Happy. Again, it’s taken me time to grow my group and I still have a ways to go…but I can confidently say that every single member in my group is an ideal client. They all are there for the right reasons and they value the content I share. They also engage with me, ask questions and support each other immensely.

Be Present

It seems like common sense, but so many of us need reminding. It takes being present in order to build a presence. You can’t just hit autopilot and walk away from the computer expecting to come back to an engaged fan base. It just doesn’t work like that. Facebook makes you think it does and that’s why they push their ads on you so hard. But it really takes showing up everyday, creating valuable & authentic content and putting it in front of the people who need it. Yes, this is the hard part and yes, it’ll take some time. But that is what I help my clients the most with. I believe if you learn how to do all of this first,  branding your business online and growing your presence becomes a piece of cake.

Start by identifying what your service is, who needs it, what they need to hear and where they’re hanging out. From there, you’re only job is creating authentic content that resonates with them and sharing it in the right places. If your content is good, it’ll do the work for you. And after working with me, I promise your content will be more than good.

Speaking online and being heard is a specific skill that I have great practice in. By combining my skill for growing a presence online and your natural gift to help people, your brand voice will become louder than ever!

If you’re interested in turning your passion into profit, my 6 week private coaching package can be found right here.

Network & Share

A great way to organically show up in front of your ideal audience is my collaborating. Find other business owners or coaches who have a big audience with similar needs and interests and reach out to them. Ask them if you can submit a guest blog for their site, or Interview them for your own blog. Share their content. By linking up with them you are putting yourself in front of their audience. Find people who are doing life/biz the way you want to be doing it and learn from them.

Be Real

Do I talk about this enough? I don’t think so 😉 Do you want to know the real, honest truth about being authentic online and organically growing a huge presence? It’s not as scary of a concept as you’re letting yourself believe. Just be yourself, because the people who need your help need to hear your authentic voice. Not mine, not the other coach’s tutorial video you’ve been watching…YOURS. Your ideal client is out there waiting to hear from you. They need your gift. And the first step to showing up for them is to tell your story. Authentically and unapologetically.

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