How I Practice Intentional Living Online & Offline

Intentional living is simply the idea of living your life with intention. Paying attention to why you do the things you do. Why you purchase certain things, put energy toward certain things, think about certain things, etc.

What practices do you employ to try and be more intentional with your time here? Here is how I practice intentional living online and offline.

It has many names: Minimalism, Mindfulness, Essentialism. They all address the same issue. Being happy with what you have, understanding your needs and owning your specific brand of happy.

This lifestyle can look different for everyone. Below I go on to share some ways I try to practice it online and offline.

First, let’s discuss how I practice Intentional living offline.

Here are a few things I have been trying to incorporate into my lifestyle and form into habits in order to live a more intentional life, offline.

1. Listening to my body

Eating when I’m hungry. Resting when I’m tired. Moving when I’m antsy. Writing when the words come. This doesn’t always come super easy, but prioritizing the intention has helped me a lot.

2. Mindfulness

Whether it’s my eating, parenting, exercise, communication, online time, working. I try to be mindful of what I’m doing and why.

3. Protecting My Energy

Being selective about what/who I lend my energy to. It can come off as “not nice” but I take a boundnary setting very seriously and I’m very protective of my energy

Now, let’s move on to what it might look like to practice intentional living ONLINE.

These are a few ways I have learned how to participate online without feeling like I’m losing myself in the process.

  • Unfollowing people and pages you don’t know, like or vibe with
  • Privatizing your accounts to control who sees what
  • Becoming more mindful about what you post, who you follow and who you engage with content
  • Taking time away from social media
  • Supporting people and pages you genuinely support and want to see succeed
  • Connecting and engaging with people and content that make you feel GOOD 
  • Eliminating all people and content that make you feel anything less than GOOD

What practices do you employ to try and be more intentional with your time here?

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