How to Make a Box of Sunshine

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Over the past few years, my closest girlfriends have been dispersed all over the country, following their big dreams and turning into the women they are destined to be. From Barcelona to Boston, L.A to NYC, these girls are makin’ moves. Luckily, I still live in our home base of Miami, so I know I will always get to see them when they come home for the holidays or to escape the harsh winter months.

However, seeing each other every few months hardly satisfies our insatiable need to know everything that is going on in each other’s lives. Lots of lengthy group texts and far too many Snap Chats help keep us up-to-date, but it just doesn’t make up for not being able to hug them when they are going through a hard time or watch their eyes water when we lose our breath laughing.

Two of my girls are living up in the North East, getting their master’s degrees and totally killin’ the game. They are both in their final semester and sprinting to the finish line. But, this winter has not made that sprint any easier. Between the freezing temperatures and multiple snow days and then Juno coming for a visit, my poor Miami babes have had it. I feel for them because I know how much weather and surrounding environment can affect a person’s mood. And I want to make sure my girls can keep their sunny dispositions, even if the warmth is still a few months away.

So, I’ve made them each a BOX OF SUNSHINE! That’s right, I mailed my chilly snow bunnies their own personal box of sunshine, fully equipped with everything they might need to weather these next few freezing months. And I lined up the delivery perfectly, so that they each received their care-packages the Friday before Valentine’s Day (coincidentally the coldest day of the year, so far). I may not be able to cuddle up with them in bed and watch Friends re-runs while we eat too much chocolate, but I figure this is the next best thing.

Does someone you love live up north and need an extra dose of warmth this winter? Or maybe someone you know just needs a little pick-me-up. A box of sunshine can cure any case of the blues. Here is how I made mine.

What you’ll need: Anything you think might warm someone up. This Caribbean Escape scented candle from Bath & Body Works could do the trick, bringing warmth and the smell of sunshine. Or maybe a pair of these cozy pj’s from Victoria’s Secret with a favorite DVD and a bag of popcorn! I chose to include goodies that will help if you’re feeling under the weather as well as some treats to help pass the time when you’re stuck indoors all day.

 My box of sunshine

how to make a box of sunshineA silly loofah to accompany a warm bath. A wine opener, pill holder, gold nail polish and happy air freshener (all from Francesca’s). Some sweet treats and a couple packets of Emergen-C to ward off any winter colds. I also included a fun Valentine’s Day card, as my packages were arriving the day before Valentine’s Day.

how to make  a box of sunshine- itemsA day without wine is like a day without sunshine.

how to make a box of sunshine- cardInside read: “Without your love, I’d be nothing. A big ol’ horny nothing”.

how to make a box of sunshine- note

Need help putting together a BOX OF SUNSHINE? I would be happy to brainstorm with you and assist in the process. Feel free to comment with any questions or requests.



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