Falling Inlove With Hygge: How To Hygge Your Home For Fall

Hygge Your Home For Fall

All week we have been watching the weather channel as it’s told us that we’d be getting our first cold front. Numbers like 50’s and 60’s getting thrown around. We try not to hold our breath, but damn a girl can dream!

This morning it was pouring. That’s always a good sign that a coldfront is approaching (or it’ll just be another day of 100% humidity). But as the rain clouds dissipated and the ground began to dry, I felt the cooler air dance across my skin. I looked at my phone…High of 74, low of 59. I could cry.

Quick! Open all the windows, light all the candels wear all the sweaters!

Fall seems to be everyone’s favorite time of year. It’s certainly mine. Granted, I live in South Flordia and we don’t really get “fall” in the way of changing leaves and cooler weather and fireplaces. And our cold fronts last about a day, if we’re lucky. But the changing of the seasons from brutal summer to comforting fall definitely brings with it a shift in energy.

I don’t know what it is about summer in South Florida, but she’s a bitch. I’ve lived here all my life, so I can’t say I’m not used to the sweltering, sweaty heat (although its getting record-breaking warmer every year). But I think the heat does something to our brains. We’re all overheated. Like we’re melting. Everything feels urgent and rushed. Everyone reacts with hotter tempers. The whole town is just sticky and uncomfortable and thirsty.

So when the first day of fall rolls around, I always take special notice. I like to make an occasion out of it. This year, I found myself at Home Goods stocking up on fall scented candles and porcelain pumpkins and Halloween decorations.

Filling my home up with the trimmings of fall, even though its still 90 degrees and raining outside, really turns my whole mood around. Like the end is near. Home stretch.

Fall also marks the end of hurricane season, which will be an enormous relief.

For someone who lives in 90 degree weather 90% of the year, it’s embarassing how many scarves and sweaters I own. So when that temperature finally starts to drop, you can bet I’m bundling up in all my layers, lighting all my candles and cozying up under all my favorite blankets.

Falling Inlove With Hygge: How To Hygge Your Home For Fall

I recently read The Little Book of Hygge and it reminded me how much I value the art of coziness. My husband always gripes about how im a homebody and never want to leave the house. And hes kind of right. I love being home. Mostly because ive curated it into a space that is so warm and cozy, why would I want to leave?
The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living

Fall is the ultimate hygge season. And I totally get it. It brings us all the feeling of comfort, warmth, nostalgia. The cooler weather, the stillness. That’s why they’re called security blankets, not security sunhats. As humans, we crave that warmth. The refuge of curling into a warm blanket to escape the cool air. Maybe it reminds us of being in the womb or something.

Speaking of, I am so excited to be entering into my third trimester during fall and winter. The perfect seasons to start nesting.

Here are a few essentials to hygge your home for fall. I like to keep them on hand for when that first cold front finally graces us and ushers out the relentless summer heat.

Hygge Your Home For Fall


It’s really hard for me to leave a store without buying a candle. I have a collection of candles, all scents and sizes, to call upon depending on the mood that happens to be striking at any given moment. I’m a candle hoarder. I’ll say it. But they are the number one essential to hygge your home for fall (and every other season, tbh). So much so, that people are starting to say hygge’s reliance on candles can pose breathing problems. These Danes love their candles. And I promise, no matter what kind of shit day you’re having, lighting a candle can skim off at least a layer of that shit. This one has been saved in my Etsy cart.


When it comes to blankets, I like to have options. Fluffy and soft, thick and flannel, light and breezy. I have an arsenal to choose from. And my baby registry is no different. This little bean is going to have a different blanket for every occasion. I’m living for this one from Burt’s Bees. I fantasize about bundling her up in it and taking a stroller stroll in the cooler weather. Here is another great collection of blankets courtesty of hyggelife.com.


I’m starting to notice a trend here. Much like my collection of candles and blankets, I have an entire drawer dedicated to teas. Bagged, loose leaf, herbs and flowers. There’s something for everyone! In college I used to waitress at a teahouse and got a crash course in everything tea related. How to brew it, which flavors to mix, when to drink it hot and when to drink it iced. My love for tea has only grown since then. A warm cup of tea with a cool breeze blowing through an open window and a sweet treat to top it off…that is hygge heaven.


Speaking of sweet treats! Another essential to hygge your home for fall is baking . And I’m not talking about your typical store bought sleeve of Nabisco that you inhale on the couch infront of a Netflix binge. I’m talking about baked from scratch. The good stuff. The act of baking is hygge in itself, but add to that the aroma that lingers in the air as the goodies leave the oven and the sensory overload of a gooey cookie washed down with a warm tea. Mmmmm. I’m not quite at the point where I’m baking from scratch, but I have found a few boxed mixes that I love. This fall favorite from Trader Joe’s, this cookie brand and these brownies!


It’s a joke how many sweaters I own. Like I don’t know where I think I’m going. I mean, I carry my favorite cardigan in my purse for when I’m stuck in a chilly library or coffee shop. But I have multiple thick, woven, chunky sweaters and literally no where to ever wear them. Sometimes I crank the AC in the house just so I can wear them instead of a blanket while I watch TV. But now that we’ve entered the few days a year that warrant wearing a sweater, you can bet that I’ll be wearing ALL of them (a fighting the temptation to buy new ones).


Music is the ultimate mood-setter at our house. I have a Spotify playlist for every occassion. This playlist has been perfect for doing homework with the kids afterschool. And this is my personal favorite for when me and the mister get some alone time. My husband and I crafted playlists for our wedding, hand-picking every single song that was played that night. People are still coming up to me asking for those playlists. We don’t mess around when it comes to music. Our favorite way to unwind is with our record player. Whenever we travel, we make sure to find a record store and bring home some new babies for our collection. Our record player lives in what we like to call our “reading room”. Technically, it’s supposed to be a formal dining room, but that’s not really our speed. So we have a comfy couch, giant book shelf and a record player. The walls are home guitars, banjoes and mandolins. The bookshelf is stuffed to the brim with used books and vinyl. It’s where we go when we want to “go analog”.

How do you like to hygge your home for fall? Anything I missed? Let me know in the comments!


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