Launch Your Blog: Knowing the Difference Between Ego + Intuition

You want to launch your blog, business and brand online. You want to start showing up but your ego voice is too loud. Your ego tries to scare you. Your intuition tries to warn you. Your ego says what if? It breeds worry and doubt. It leaves your scattered, lost and confused. Your intuition knows. There are no questions. It is a distinct pull in your heart saying yes or no. Our goal is to learn the difference.

launch your blog

As you build your big & beautiful online business and finally launch your blog, there will come a point where ego will show up and convince you there isn’t enough space to go bigger. Like there is this limited space for success. And that other people are already doing what you’re doing. And this excuse and that excuse and the next one. It’s all just FEAR. Fear of not knowing where this next step leads. That’s why you need to cultivate a relentless faith in yourself. Harness your confidence and inject it into everything you do. Because once you do that, you’ll be able to very quickly decipher whether that’s your ego trying to scare you or your intuition trying to warn you.

Launch your blog/biz/brand before you feel ready.

Your intuition is your inner guide pulling you in the right direction. It tells you “Yes! Go do that scary thing. It is the right thing for you.” Or it says “No! This is not the next step. This will take you off track. Don’t do that thing.” Her voice is clear and to the point, but it takes practice to be able to hear it. Especially when your ego is morphing his voice to sound like hers. And he’s screaming over her so you can’t listen.

Here are a few methods I practice to be able to tell the difference, quieting the ego voice and allowing my intuition to have center stage.

→ Distance: Sometimes, all you need is distance from the decision. When you’re trying to decide on something and you keep grappling with whether or not you should do it, there’s probably a battle between your ego and intuition being fought within. That leaves you indecisive because you can’t distinguish what’s right. You can’t even hear them over the arguing, let alone know which one to listen to. By taking some time away from the decision you allow the dust to settle. Then, when you come back to it you come back with a clearer perspective and are able to pay undivided attention to your intuition.

→ Signals: You know what it feels like when you’re inner-alarm is going off. That’s your intuition sending you physical signals in an effort to guide you. It’s the tingling sensation, the heart flutter, the lightness in your chest. Those are all signals pointing you in an affirmative direction. Let them lead you. However, you intuition also send warning signals. The knot in your stomach, the shortness of breath, the cringe on your face. Those are all signs that you should remove yourself from a situation and walk away.

→ Trust: Your intuition knows. She always knows. She’s guiding you from a divine grace bigger than yourself. You have to trust her. The more intimate a relationship you cultivate with your intuition, the stronger your trust will be. Practice listening to her, begin recognizing her physical signals, let her know you hear her. Your inner-guide is your biggest support system. She has your best intentions in mind and is guiding you to step into your ultimate power. Follow her.

Your ego will always be there. It is NOT your job to ignore him. That will only make him louder. He demands attention. Let him know you appreciate his concern but that you’re going to step into the fear and trust that it’s right. Once you quiet him down, you’ll make room for your divine intuition to guide you where you need to go.

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