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February 1, 2016 | The Hanged ManFullSizeRender

So, I like to pull a card at the beginning of every month to set my intention and ask for guidance. Today’s card really struck a chord so I wanted to share it with you all.

The Hanged Man represents sacrifice and letting go. He is the master of non-attachment. And as I reflect on this, I realize how tightly I’ve been gripped to this very specific vision of success for myself. Defeat has tapped me on the shoulder begging for me to recognize it, but I’ve continued to swat it away, exhaustively. Until now. Now, with the guidance of the hanged man, I take control and realize that isn’t the tap of defeat…it is a call to let go. Let go of this vision of success I’m striving for and admit to myself that I am already wildly successful. I’m no longer waiting for permission to indulge myself in this extraordinary life I’ve built. That tightly wound vision of success has disappeared like a cloud of dust and is being replaced by a vision of happiness.

I’ve been surrounding myself with visions to manifest this particular brand of success. Words like “boss lady”, “laptop lifestyle”, “published”. Images of women I’ve admired and tried to emulate. And as I look behind me at the vision board above my head I smile knowing I’ve already become that person. I am that vision of success. Now, I will surround myself with the things that bring me joy! It’s a brilliant new perspective.

It’s natural that I have resisted and struggled with this. I’ve held on very tightly to this dream for a long time. But I trust the process and know achieving your dreams is not a struggle. It is as natural as breathing. So I am letting go of the imaginary control I once thought I had knowing I am open to receive all opportunities that are finding their way to me. And, as the hanged man, I will find stillness, open my eyes and use this new perspective to learn something.

With that, I will be spending today building a brand new vision board to sit behind my desk. One filled with words and images that bring to life all the things that fill me with joy, purpose and love. That is what I want to manifest more of in my life, ‪#‎mybrandofhappy‬.

And if any of you are interested in a private reading, please let me know! I love sharing my cards with others and cracking open a little space in their minds to let the light of new perspective shine in.

Tarot Guidance with Loey

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