Marriage: A Balancing Act Of Compromise & Compassion

Marriage A Balancing Act

Nothing makes me happier than seeing these two together. Marriage is such a complicated thing. You love this person with everything that you have while simultaneously plotting their death every time they breathe the wrong way in bed. Sometimes it’s like we’re speaking different languages. And sometimes finding time for each other feels like an endless hunt for something that doesn’t exist.

And sometimes we forget why we said yes to this crazy thing in the first place. But through all of that, I get to witness this man be the most incredible father to our children. And suddenly, none of that other stuff matters. Suddenly I know, like really know, that other stuff will work itself out. Like it always does.

I think the hardest part about marriage is accepting everything the other person is, and more importantly, everything they aren’t. At this point in the game, we aren’t changing much. We are the people that we are. Him and I couldn’t be more different when it comes to a lot of things. And sometimes that causes frustration. But we try to always bring ourselves back to that fact that our differences are what make us stronger. They can create a harmonious balance, if we allow them to. For example, he loves to explore and take adventures and have a full schedule. I’m a homebody and love to cuddle on the couch and watch movies. Between the two of us, we manage to have a pretty great life full of exciting adventures and loving quality time.

Now, do I always agree to his “exciting adventures”? No. Not always. Sometimes the idea of packing up the car and the kids and the dog and the gear and driving for hours on some spontaneous trip literally seizes me with anxiety. And on the other hand, does he always acquiesced my request for a Saturday in bed watching TV and cuddling? No. Not always. Sometimes he gets so frustrated with me, thinking I’m just being lazy.

The balance isn’t always struck, but at the end of the day there’s no one else I’d want to be doing life with. Through every up and down. Every season of life. I’m happy you’re on my team. Remember to hug your person today and thank them for doing this crazy thing with you. Because it really takes it out of both of you. It beats you down. It shape shifts you into all these different versions of yourselves. And yet, you still manage to choose each other. Every day. And that’s love. That’s worth it.

Marriage: A Balancing Act Of Compromise & Compassion

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