Midweek Motivator

Sometimes, it’s hard to get going. It can be called by many names. Writer’s block, laziness, lack of inspiration. The Loey Midweek Motivator is a weekly dose of motivation to help keep those creative juices flowing.


Below is a reminder about the power of self-motivation that I wrote to myself in a moment of fierce writer’s block.


Inspiration is a delusion. It can not be called upon at will. It lives in the deepest depths of the mind, waiting for any random stimulus.

Motivation, however, is real. It is tangible. Words can name it and one can lead themselves to it. We are expected to inspire ourselves. That responsibility is far greater than any of us can bear.

But, we can motivate ourselves. Through thoughts turned to action, actions turned to accomplishments. These accomplishments, big and small, will give birth to inspiration.

So never stop thinking, dreaming, doing. For, it is through these actions that inspiration is born and dreams can truly become reality.



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