Finding Focus: My Journey into Motherhood

When I was an online brand voice coach, I used to tell my clients that their brand and blog should evolve as they do. And for once, I’m taking my own advice.
 I feel like motherhood has given me a whole new lease on life.

I have found myself in motherhood.

The past few years have felt like one long, winding identity crisis. Quitting my job. Moving in with my boyfriend. Becoming a stepmom. Starting a business. Getting married. It’s been one leap after another. And I still always felt this void. Like something was missing. Like I hadn’t quite made it to somewhere I was going.

That all changed when I learned I was pregnant. I remember crying. For a lot of reasons. But mainly because for the first time, probably ever, I felt full of purpose. Full to the rim. It’s as though life started when I saw that positive pregnancy test.
I dove head first into this new chapter.

Without realizing, I had stopped focusing on my business. I stopped showing up online. I stopped making content. All I cared about was being the best mom I could be. So I began devouring books and blogs and articles. Researching baby products. And parenting styles. And sleep training methods. Anything and everything I could get my hands on.

I can now say that none of those things can ever really prepare you for having a baby. It really is a trial and error situation. You figure it out as you go. But I’m glad I have all that knowledge under my belt. It gives me a slight sense of confidence while I do this crazy scary thing of raising a human.

I feel more like myself now than ever. Sleep deprived. Covered in spit up. Sore nipples and all. I’m learning so much every day. And I’m excited to share and document the journey here.

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