New Mom Gifts: Essentials Every New Mom Really Needs

Are you in need of some new mom gift ideas? Below is a list of a few essentials every new mom needs, but probably won’t buy for herself.

Are you in need of some new mom gift ideas? Below is a list of a few essentials every new mom needs, but probably won't buy for herself.

I read every book under the sun trying to prepare myself for what life would be like once I had baby. But nothing can really prepare you for those first few weeks. We don’t have language to describe it. It’s pure survival mode mixed with a blissed out honeymoon phase with a side order of total and complete mental breakdown. It’s. Intense.

Around this time, well-meaning friends and family members like to stop by to see the baby and shower it with toys and gifts. Which is great. However, baby doesn’t need toys and gifts right then. Baby can’t play with most of the toys you’re bringing. Baby just needs mom. And mom needs help.

So, if you really want to help out a new mom, bring her a giant box of everything listed below. Then do a load of laundry for her, clean up her kitchen and maybe watch the baby while she catches a nap.

NEW MOM GIFTS: A few essentials every new mom really needs:


Sounds like an obvious one, right? Well, I’m not talking about Pampers Swaddlers (although, yes. Bring over as many boxes of those as you can carry. She will need them). No, I am talking about the wonderful world of adult diapers. Any woman who has endured the beautiful journey of vaginal birth can tell you, after the joy of getting to hold your baby, the mesh underwear they give you in the hospital is probably the second best feeling you’ll have immediately postpartum. And for some reason, those mesh underwear aren’t available anywhere else. So, new mom tip, stash as many as you can while you’re in the hospital, so you can have them at home. But once that stash runs out, mom’s going to need the next best thing.


Giving birth is like running five back-to-back marathons. With your vagina. It is exhausting. And while you’re recovering, you’re handed this tiny human who literally needs you to survive. The last thing on a new mom’s mind is what her next meal is going to be. I survived on boxes of these, stashed away in my nightstand.  A hot meal felt like such a luxury. So, if you want to help out a new mom, bring her some food. Freezer meals are a huge help, especially ones she can just throw in a crock pot. Or ask her what her favorite restaurant is and bring her some take-out, since she won’t be going out for a little bit.

Nice PJs

I should have made this number one. BUY HER PAJAMAS! Nice, comfortable pajamas. New pajamas. She will be living in them for the foreseeable future. And it’s hard to feel okay when you’re living in your raggedy high school graduation shirt and husband’s boxer shorts. I am obsessed with Aerie brand sleepwear. It is so soft and comfortable, but also looks cute. I don’t feel like a total garbage person when I spend an entire week in the same jogger pants (that have never done any jogging). This set also looks like a great option, plus they have some boob access. These too, although they’re a bit ironic.


Essential oils

I only recently got into using essential oils (you can read why, here), but I really wish I would have had them during those first few weeks home with baby. They could have really helped me when I was exhausted, in pain, needing better rest and feeling those baby blues. Also, baby was born at the height of flu season and I remember being sooo paranoid about germs. I wish I would’ve had this kit back then. Rocky Mountain Oils has this perfect kit for moms, and I am definitely sending it to my best friend who is about to a have her second baby! I think I’ll add this one for that breastfeeding upper back pain, this one to combat any baby blues and this one to help her and baby sleep through the night.

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Water bottle

Especially if mama is breastfeeding, she is going to be drinking water all day long. And she’ll probably need to be doing it while lying in bed…breastfeeding. I think these bottles are prefect because they don’t spill in bed. I was given the glass one, which I loved. But I dropped it on the floor and it shattered to a million pieces all over my feet. So maybe this one is a little better. Definitely something with a straw. Or else she will spill it all over herself. And her bed. And her sleeping baby.

Long phone charger

I got one of these for myself because I knew I would need one, but then it broke and I haven’t replaced it. This one is an absolute need for new mama’s, because we spend most of our days pinned under a hungry or sleepy baby and our only connection to the outside world is through our phone. The last thing you want is to finally get baby to fall asleep on your chest only to realize you’re almost out of battery.

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Loopy case

I still don’t have one of these because I can’t justify the purchase. However, I undoubtedly see their appeal and wish I would’ve gotten one as a gift. As soon as you become a mom, your hands are always full. But you also always need your phone on you. I dropped my phone so many times, the screen is still cracked (nine months later). You can also buy these used on a site like Poshmark. And Amazon has some similar options, too!


So if you have a friend or loved one who is about to have a baby, I highly recommend one of the above gifts. Or, if you’re really feeling generous, put together a care package with a little bit of everything. I promise you, she will be so grateful. 


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