Overcoming Mental Blocks In 3 Steps (PLUS VIDEO)

Overcoming mental blocks can be difficult for anyone. But when you’re launching a business, brand and blog online…there is no room for mental blocks.

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Does this sound familiar? “I can’t do it! I can’t afford it! I don’t understand it!”

This is what your ego sounds like when its trying to get in your way. Don’t let it! The truth is, we all suffer from our own mental blocks, both in life and in business. A block is just a barrier our egos create out of fear of the unknown. It blocks us from putting ourselves out there, from trusting and believing, in an attempt to protect us from failure. The goal is to find our own way of overcoming mental blocks.

A big block I find many of my clients suffering from is a confidence block. Many of them feel like they won’t be understood or that their content isn’t true to their brand. They’re fearful, confused, anxious. All of these things prevent them from showing up BIG online. I work with them to harness that confidence and use it to create bold and authentic content. Backing your brand and content with confidence is the best way to reach and resonate with ideal clients online.

Overcoming mental blocks in 3 steps

One mental block that I suffer from in business is a success block. I see what everyone else is doing and I begin to feel “less than”. I discredit my own success because it doesn’t look like someone else’s. And that leads to defeatist thoughts lurking into my mind and halting my progress. I begin to equate dollar signs and likes and comments with success. But thats so WRONG! Success has less to do with how much money we’re making and more to do with how we feel while we make that money. The money is there and its ready to come to us. The question becomes are we welcoming it with with open arms or are we demanding it, desperately craving for it to come to us.

Are you putting an unnecessary pressure on what you’re trying to attract into your life?

STOP DOING THAT! Do this instead ↓

We need to untether our minds from these limiting beliefs. Once we untether, we can begin dismantling and overcoming mental blocks. Here are three steps to untethering our minds from mental blocks.

1- Listen to your ego. Give him the attention he’s demanding. Show him you can hear what he’s saying. Then say, thanks but no thanks. He’s only trying to help, but his help is misguided. You know better than your ego. Trust that.

2- Reverse your block. If you keep telling your self “I’m not successful enough and I never will be” odds are you’re going to manifest that, because you’re energetically bringing it into the universe. It may be difficult to suddenly think positively about a situation, but a simple thing to do is reverse that self-talk. Listen to what you’re saying and then repeat its reverse to yourself. So rather than “I’m not successful enough” repeat over and over “I am so successful. I’m more than successful!”. Say out loud, in your head, write it down on paper or on your mirror. Reverse your self talk until it sticks, until your believe it!

3- Forgive yourself. Don’t beat yourself up for having a block. Don’t blame yourself. Its a natural reaction to fear and stress. Its just your brain trying to protect you from scary emotions. Recognize that and forgive yourself. Then turn around and jump right into that scary thing! Whether its posting a bold piece of content online, requesting a raise or asking out that cute guy. Leap and the net will appear.

I’m working on overcoming mental blocks by dismantling my success block and realigning my perspective around money. Do you have any blocks that are halting your success, either in life or business? I promise you’re not alone. Now you know those blocks aren’t permanent. You have the power to dismantle them and reclaim control of your success!

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