Personal Branding: Mistake # 1, You Aren’t A Lifestyle Brand

Are you a life coach, business coach, spiritual entrepreneur? Would you like to turn your passion into profit? I would love to personally invite you to my latest live training! In it, I am teaching how to effectively develop your personal branding to reach and resonate with your online audience.

The ONE personal branding mistake to avoid +++ access to my LIVE workshop about how to brand your lifestyle to create quality online content your audience WANTS to consume!

Your lifestyle is your most valuable personal branding tool. Let me teach you how to USE it!

In this class, I’ll be explaining the difference between branding a lifestyle and running a lifestyle brand. Hint: One is a lot easier once you figure it out. I find this coming up a lot with clients. They’re getting stuck trying to look a certain way and forgetting what’s most important…being authentic and real in order to resonate with an online audience. Authenticity is the main factor when it comes to personal branding.

A lifestyle brand (ie: Lauren Conrad, Gwenyth Paltrow’s goop, etc.) curate inspiration with a desired aesthetic to promote a specific lifestyle. However, a branded lifestyle (ie: Gabby Bernstein’s ‪#‎SpiritJunkie‬, Kate Hudson’s “Pretty Happy“, etc.) serve as proof of concept that their methods work. They’re personal branding reflects their own success. They share their story through images and content related to their lifestyle in order to sell their methods. That is what I want to help YOU do! Use your lifestyle as a branding tool to turn your passions into profit.

We went live on Thursday, March 17 at 11 am EST. Click below to access the replay! 



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