Sleep Like A Baby: Essential Oil Blend To Help Baby Sleep Through The Night

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Okay, I know this may sound crazy. And maybe it is crazy. But I am not kidding when I tell you that ever since I started diffusing this blend in baby’s room at night, she has been sleeping. Through. The. Night. This is huuuuge, you guys. If you read my post about my first attempts at sleep training her, you know how monumental this is.

If I’m being totally honest, I started using the diffuser blend around the same time I unintentionally let her cry it out, so I’m not sure which one really did the trick. But she doesn’t wake up at all anymore in the middle of the night. And if she does, she just crawls around in her crib and goes right back to sleep.

You may have read my post about my new love affair with oils. I was a bit skeptical at first, so I didn’t want to start sharing about them until I really took my time and tried them out. But I have been using this blend in her room for a few weeks now and it has provided very consistent results. I haven’t tried letting her sleep without it, so I’m not 100% it’s just the oils that are helping. But they definitely aren’t hurting. And I’ve been using a similar blend in my room to sleep at night, and one night I totally forgot to fill the diffuser and I slept horribly! It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized I hadn’t used my oils.

So, what’s in this magic blend that I use to help baby sleep through the night?

It’s actually very simple and basic. I would suggest having all these oils in your starter kit if you’re just getting started because they can all be used for so many things!

Below is a break down of the oils I use. But, more than anything, I think the consistency does the trick. DIffusing the same, calming blend every single night. I even let her watch me prepare the diffuser and smell some of the oils while I’m dropping them into the water. As soon as she smells them, she’s cued that it’s bedtime.

There are lots of different oils that aid in better, deeper sleep. Rocky Mountain Oils has an entire collection, here. Some that I want to try out are Vetiver, Cedarwood and their proprietary blend Peace & Quiet

LAVENDER: 6 drops

Lavender essential oil is the most basic, yet most versatile of all the oils I’ve tried so far. You can use it for everythaaang! I spray it in my hair, rub it on my face, and inhale it when I’m feeling stressed. But more than anything, I think the best benefit of lavender essential oil is how it helps you fall and stay asleep. It has super soothing properties and helps promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Click here to read a study all about how lavender essential oil helps you sleep.

Buy Lavender essential oil from RMO, here

help baby sleep through the night


Eucalyptus essential oil has a ton multi-faceted medicinal properties. It’s an ahhh-mazing decongestant and helps keep your airways clear and healthy. It’s antibacterial, antiseptic and disinfecting. It can even be used as a stimulant, which sounds counterproductive since I’m using it to help baby fall and stay asleep. But the sharp, woodsy aroma really blends well with the other oils in this mix and I think contributes to a deeper sleep.

Buy Eucalyptus essential oil from RMO, here


Peppermint oil is another must have in  your basic essential oil arsenal. Like eucalyptus, it can also be used as a stimulant. I even use it to wake up in the morning, combining it with their Citrus Blend and inhaling right from my hands. But, like eucalyptus, it is also very multi-faceted. It is know for being refreshing, uplifting mood and easing tension. Exactly what you want when you’re trying to catch some zzzz’s.

Buy Peppermint essential oil from RMO, here

COPAIBA: 3 drops 

This guys packs a punch! It has a thicker consistency and is super potent, that’s why I only use 3 drops in this blend. Copaiba is a great mood stabilizer and also works well for pain. Some people apply it topically to teething babies with great results. However, I am not yet comfortable ingesting oils and haven’t tried applying to babies gums. I think these extra 3 drops really add the knock out effect to this blend and help baby stay asleep.

Buy Copaiba essential oil from RMO, here

That’s it! Four little oils with a BIG impact. Just a reminder, any links you click in this post are affiliate links, so I’ll get a small commission. However, that is not why I chose to share this blend with you. I’ve been experimenting A LOT with these oils. Some blends and recipes have been total misses. I am only sharing the ones that I’ve seen really work for me and my family. To read more about why I buy Rocky Mountain Essential oils over some of the other brands, you can click here.

PS: As I was preparing this post, I saw that this Mood Kit is on sale and I added it to my cart SO fast! I can’t wait to try some of these blends out. 

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