You work online? Schedule out your posts.

You need the inspiration? Download alternative forms of media.

You'll miss connecting with people? Schedule in person activities.

You'll have too much free time? Prepare a to-do list.

Prep yourself before you wreck yourself!

Ready for a social media detox? Sign up below and receive the guidebook to prep for your time offline.

This is an initial guidebook that contains tips, checklists, and resources to help prep yourself before deleting the apps (bc deleting the apps without a plan doesn't work).
You can also check out this FB live I did after my most recent detox. I hosted it in my Perfcked People Private Party FB group. Click here to join and watch the replay.
I also released a podcast episode after that detox, where I discussed the most important component of the detox-- what to do when we sign back on. I share tips on how to create and consume content with more intention and manage a healthier relationship with the platforms. You can listen to that episode, here
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