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Branding your biz through social media can be tricky. There are so many different platforms, saturated with so much content. It can be overwhelming. And worse, it can make you think there’s no way you can stand out from the crowd. Now, that’s just a straight up lie. Understanding social media for business is crucial when you’re launching yourself and your brand online.

SAVE FOR LATER | Quality social media content for your business.

Social media for business is easy once you compartmentalize it. Every platform has it’s own function. The way I see it, Facebook is the big umbrella that the others all nestle underneath. Instagram is just for images, letting us share and consume beautifully filtered photos with an easily digestible chunk of text & cute emojis. Twitter is just for statuses, letting us share and consume small bites of insight very quickly. Periscope is just for videos, letting us live stream and connect with people all over the world face-to-face.

Social media for business

Now Facebook, of course, is capable of ALL these functions. And that’s why you should think of it as your home base. That is where you can post longer form content, albums of photos, promotional videos. Really speak your most authentic voice loudly and proudly. The trick I’ve come up with is first creating content for Facebook and then dissecting it to be used across the other platforms.

For example, I can post a photo on Facebook and include a long bit of text explaining my intention behind the post, offering context to the content and sharing myself fully with my audience. That is what is expected of that platform.


I can then take that same photo, but re-purpose it for Instagram. Adding a cool filter, keeping the text short and accompanying it with emojis and hashtags. Hashtags are much more useful on Instagram. I suggest putting one or two in the actual caption, then including a comment with about 10 others. This will help other people find you and like your posts/page.


Then, I can take to Twitter and post a line of text from the original post (or a new line of text inspired by the original post) that is insightful and noteworthy. You want followers to relate to your Twitter posts. This will lead them to favorite/retweet your content which introduces you to a wider audience.


Periscope is a different animal altogether, because you can really let loose. Use the original post as inspiration and share that inspiration with your followers. Riff on what it means to you, offer a personal anecdote and of course ENGAGE the audience. Ask them questions, include them in the conversation. That is the beauty of Periscope, after all.


You see, social media is only as overwhelming as you let it be. If you break it up into pieces like this you can see how easy it really is. More importantly, you can see how one post can be spread across all platforms giving you content for an entire week! Now that’s what I call efficiency.

Still stuck with social media? I would be happy to talk it out with you. Sign up below for a FREE call with me and we can figure out what exactly is blocking you. I want to see YOU showing up in my newsfeed. Let’s make it happen! Until then, happy branding 🙂

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