Spring Break: College vs Post Grad

spring break 2011We may not have figured out the science of time travel yet (aka the government is keeping it a secret). But we do have the glorious app that is “Time Hop“, showing us forgotten photos from our past, happily reminding us that we are getting older and having less fun.

Recently, a friend of mine posted a picture from our college spring break trip. Which was four years ago. I stared at that picture and thought to myself, “I don’t know if I’ll ever be that tan again”. But more than that, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to party that hard again. Or be that care-free. Or throw up behind an abandoned gas station off the highway with such grace and elegance.

I may have already graduated, but my internal clock can’t help but tell me it’s spring break and I should be celebrating accordingly. Of course, I don’t get to complain. I do live in Miami, where every day can be spring break if you try hard enough and have a liver made of steel. But I do not. So I’ll take my break in the form of a weekend staycation at the beach, promising myself I won’t check my email…but still will… because, adulthood.

So as I stock up on bottles of Pinot Grigio and SPF 70, here are some examples of how different spring break is in college vs post grad. Enjoy! #springbreakforever


College Spring Break: Chugging.

Post Grad Spring Break: Napping.

College: Drink all day! Play all night!

Post Grad: Drink all day?! Sleep all night. And all the next day. And send a medic, this hangover will be the end of me.

College: Bronze Goddess. I went to school in Florida and spent most of my time “studying” by the pool. My tan game was on point. Or, wait. What are the kids saying these days? On fleek? Yeah, I can’t pull that off.

Post Grad: Lobster. It’s been so long since I could just lay in the sun for an indefinite amount of time. Now, after a few minutes, my skin just bursts into flames.

College: All that f-you, under the table babysitting money to blow. WTF are taxes?

Post Grad: Seriously. WTF are taxes? And where does all my money go?

College: Keg stand!

Post Grad: Don’t make me stand.

College: You have ALL the moves.

Post Grad: Ha! Still got it!

College Spring Break: All about the party! Booze, babes and body shots.

Post Grad Spring Break: All about the relaxation! Sleeping, Sauvignon Blanc and streaming on Netflix.

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