Being Happy To Make Money (Not The Other Way Around)

Make money doing what makes you happy. Sound like a pipe dream? Well, it’s not. It’s the opposite of what we’ve been told our entire lives. We were told to work hard in school and get a good job and then work even harder there so you can make money and then you’ll be happy! […]

Brand Shoot With Cassandra Eldridge

I had the BEST time shooting with Cassandra. I’ve already gushed plenty about her blog and gorgeous photos, but now that I’ve met her I’m even more obsessed. Below are a few of my favorites from the shoot. I am so excited to turn these into content for the upcoming launch of my online course. […]

Best Apps For Online Business Success (#4 is my favorite)

These are some of the best apps for online business success I’ve found so far! Since starting my business, I’ve tried & tested many different online apps to keep my content fresh, happy & organized. Below is a list of some of my favorites! I use these apps every single day and my business is […]

Write A Sales Page That Converts To Clients: 7 Easy Steps

Your sales page is your first impression. It’s your one shot to show potential clients WHY they need you. That’s why I dedicated an entire module of my online course specifically to teach you how to write a sales page. I want you to have all the tools to make sure you don’t waste that […]

Brand Voice Coaching: What Is It? Your FAQ’s…answered!

Brand voice coaching is what you need BEFORE branding your blog + biz online. Branding is practical. You can learn the systems and tools and get the job done. But your branding won’t make any sense without a clear, confident & consistent brand voice. What is Brand Voice? Brand Voice is, simply, the tone in which […]

Work From Home? Keep These 8 Things Around To Stay Inspired

As a business owner, I am the only one responsible for keeping my content fresh, inspired and flowing. And, since I work from home, I think it’s super important to surround yourself and your space with things to keep you creative. That can mean your desk space, office space, things you carry with you or, […]

Job Dissatisfaction: How The Cubicle Almost Killed Me

I loved my first job. It was my dream job when I graduated college and I landed it. An advertising agency. A small, creative shop in the heart of Miami. It was perfect! I loved the office, the people the work. But, there came a day when I had to admit that I wasn’t entirely […]