How Can We Avoid Envy While We Scroll?

I caught myself feeling jealous of someone’s face today. Yeah. That’s a weird emotion, right? Especially since I spend most of my time on here reminding everyone that social media is designed to make us feel that way. Yet, here I am, falling into the trap. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣I follow a few influencers around on the […]

Does FOMO Keep You On Facebook?

We don’t realize how much white space we have in our lives, white space that we fill up with all of this noise. All of this Interent and news and social media and likes and follows and filters. All of the things we are doing all day to stay on brand and to keep our […]

How to Unplug In 6 Steps (#5 Is My Favorite)

Quality time with friends and family has become quite a luxury these days. We’re all so busy being busy, we aren’t making the time to connect with the people in our lives. And based on this study, quality relationships are the only way to guarantee a long and happy life. Not money, not fame, but quality […]