My Eating Disorder Has Nothing To Do With Eating

I used to make myself throw up. There are many more layers to that story, but those are the bare bones of it. I used to make myself throw up and I’ve had a hard time finding a name for it. And it wasn’t until I began finding a name for it that I truly […]

Healthy Snacking: Hard-Boiled Eggs

Sometimes, I just need a boost before lunch. It can be because I didn’t get enough sleep or that I’ve been skipping my workouts, but come mid-morning I’m ready for a nap. To combat that sluggish feeling, I incorporate healthy snacks into my diet. This aids in balancing my blood sugar, increasing my protein intake […]

Yoga: The Most Important Thing to Remember, is to Breathe.

Let go or be dragged I wish everyone did yoga. It’s difficult and uncomfortable and sometimes our arms just can’t twist like that! But I truly believe the practice of yoga can change lives. It connects the mind, body and soul in a way that betters our whole being. The clearer our mind is, the […]