Yoga: The Most Important Thing to Remember, is to Breathe.

Let go or be dragged

I wish everyone did yoga. It’s difficult and uncomfortable and sometimes our arms just can’t twist like that! But I truly believe the practice of yoga can change lives. It connects the mind, body and soul in a way that betters our whole being. The clearer our mind is, the more open our heart can be. The leaner our muscles feel, the better we look to ourselves in the mirror. The longer we hold that handstand, the more powerful our confidence becomes. It’s all connected.

I have been practicing yoga for about six years now and the most important thing I’ve taken away is simply that we must be kind to ourselves. We can’t get upset with your bodies for not performing the way they did last class, or last pose. We must love our body and relish in all it can do. Yoga practice serves as a reminder that we haven’t always been able to touch our toes, or hold a warrior pose, or stand on our hands! Just as we haven’t always had the courage to move to another city, or the guts to chase our dreams or the stamina to run a mile! We are always changing, always growing. And, just as in life, sometimes we’ll try and fail. But then we’ll try again. And again and again until finally, we nail it! Even if just for a split second. That’s all it takes to feel the epiphany. To feel ourselves open up and witness all we’re capable of.

Every yoga practice is different. With each class we bring a different body. Our bones sit differently than they did last class, our muscles are tighter or looser depending on the stress we’ve been putting on them. But all this helps us remember to give up control. We can’t force our bodies into positions they aren’t ready for, just like we can’t force situations to turn out the way we want them to, or force people to be something they aren’t. Yoga teaches us how to give up control. It shows us how to trust the process, surrender to the universe, and know all works out as it should.

Yoga also allows for vulnerability. Bending over in tight spandex in a silent room listening to everyone’s labored breaths. It’s an intimate experience, with complete strangers. But it builds strength and confidence and compassion. Witnessing others, of all different skill levels, attempt a new pose and take those few moments to become comfortable with it, it’s a reminder that we all start from the same place. Yoga is a practice, a practice that takes time and dedication. But it brings the best reward, which is knowing. Knowing we are capable, knowing we are strong, knowing we can do what we once found impossible.

So I encourage everyone, regardless of age or ability, to walk into a yoga class today. Walk in fearlessly, knowing you’re embracing your body and inviting it to move in ways you never knew possible. Surprise yourself! And embrace the knowing that comes from within. Namaste.

 Here is a list of some of my favorite yoga studios in South Florida:


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