What is YOUR Brand of Happy?


Do you know what YOUR brand of happy is?

My brand of happy is living an authentic life and helping others serve those who need them. My brand of happy is a laptop lifestyle. My brand of happy is traveling around the world. Chatting with my girlfriends. Getting great deals when I’m shopping. Eating clean. Being active. My brand of happy is being ME. And my goal is to prove to you that THAT is what makes a successful online brand.

I have created this group online to serve as a space for spirited entrepreneurs to come together and connect, motivate, inspire, commiserate, learn, engage, support and grow as they find their own brand of happy.

I’m Lauren “Loey” The Brand Voice Coach. My focus as a business owner is branding. Branding is my niche. It’s what I’m best at, where my experience lies. But more so, I am in the business of helping others feel HAPPY about their businesses. I work with my clients to help them create a brand presence for their business, to show up for the people who need them and finally WORK for those people. I help them help the people who need their gifts. And THAT’S what makes them happy.

I want you to feel good about your business. To be lit up by the work you do. And I truly believe the best way to do that is to first recognize that YOU ARE YOUR BRAND. Everything you are, everything you believe, everything you do is your brand. You live it and breathe it every day. When you accept that fact you can more clearly move on to creating a meaningful brand presence for your heart centered business.

That is why I’ve started this group. I want you each to find YOUR own brand of happy. What does it look like, feel like, sound like? Where are you when you’re most happy? What are you wearing? Who are you working for?

THAT is your brand.

My intention with this space is to offer everything I know. Tips on how to craft an authentic brand voice, back your content with confidence, resonate with your ideal clients and most importantly LIVE YOUR BRAND. I encourage all members to show up and share their brand with us. And by that I mean putting yourself out there. Be raw, be real, be honest. Share your successes and failures, mistakes and milestones. Come here to practice speaking in your brand voice, ask for feedback, connect with each other. All you need to do to have a successful brand presence online is live an authentic life offline. My work is in teaching you how to blend the two together to run a HAPPY, passionate & profitable business!

I want this to be the place where you come when you’re stuck, confused or out of ideas. This group will be full of inspiration and motivation to help you find and embrace YOUR brand of happy.

Happy branding,
Lauren “Loey” The Brand Voice Coach

#mybrandofhappy is my favorite little corner of the Internet. I hope you’ll join our tribe as we continue to explore what makes us happy, release what no longer serve us and build the lives of our dreams!

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