Why I Chose Rocky Mountain Oils Over DoTerra and Young Living

In my last post, I touched on why I chose to try Rocky Mountain Oils over the other brands. Once I became interested in essential oils, I spent a few weeks digging around the internet, trying to figure out which oils to buy. I follow a few accounts on Instagram who post about oils and how they use them. I reached out to them and learned more about what brands they trust. DoTerra and Young Living seemed to be the top dogs. But the more digging I did, the more I felt like they weren’t the brands for me.

Then, I came across Rocky Mountain Oils. They hit all of my check boxes. Below is a list of all the reasons I chose to order a kit from them over their competitors.

Why I Chose #RockyMountainOils over #DoTerra and #YoungLiving #essentialoils

Why I Chose Rocky Mountain Oils Over DoTerra and Young Living

Quality Standards

DoTerra and Young Living both have their own respective equivalent to this, however Rocky Mountain Oils’ S.A.A.F.E promise impressed me the most. They offer 90 day product return policy. Their rigorous sourcing, sampling an testing provide100% authentic and pure product. All of their oils undergo rigorous GC/MS testing in third party labs. Every bottle comes with a batch number that you can look up. All of their products are free of any adulterants. I can go on, but you get the idea.


This interview with owner Paul Dean gave me everything I needed to know, and then some. In short, he knows what he’s talking about. He values the quality of his oils, specifically in regards to the energy of the oils and their therapeutic benefits. His original company, Native American Nutritionals, merged with Rocky Mountain Oils. The first having high quality product, the second having high quality marketing professionals. Meanwhile, a lot of the information I found about the owners of DoTerra and Young Living were not as palatable.


Both DoTerra and Young Living are MLM programs. MLM stands for MultiLevel Marketing. Meaning, someone sells product to someone else who sells it to someone else who sells it to someone else and so on. The person at the top makes the most, much like a pyramid. I wasn’t looking to get involved in something like this. I know plenty of people who thrive within this structure, but I knew it wasn’t for me.

Affiliate Program

I was excited to learn that I could still earn a commission from RMO without having to sell product. I knew I’d be sharing my experience with oils because that’s what I do as a blogger, I share the things I’m doing and the things I enjoy. Now, when I talk about how I’m using my oils, I can direct people to my affiliate link and get a commission if they choose to purchase their own.


I looooove blends! As I learn more about each oil, I hope I can start making my own blends. But for now, I’m really enjoying the blends they have to offer. And, they even provide this chart to compare their blends to the more popular brands. So when I see other people using another brand’s blend in a recipe or diffuser mix, I can do the same with my RMO oils.

I will say, I’m still trying other brands of oils. I’ve gotten some oils from the NOW brand that were on sale at my grocery store. I’m still curious to try some from DoTerra and Young Living products, to see the difference.

But for now, I’ve been using Rocky Mountain Oils for about a month and I am very happy with them. I’ve made my own household cleaners, skincare products, even my own toothpaste! I’m still working out the recipes, but some of them are just about perfect. I’m excited to share them! Besides that, my new favorite way to start the day is choosing which blend to diffuse. This morning is being brought to you by Citrus Blend and Minty Clean. My kitchen smells so fresh and so clean, clean.

Have you tried essential oils in your home? What brand do you use? What’s inĀ your diffuser this morning? Let me know in the comments!

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