Work From Home? Keep These 8 Things Around To Stay Inspired

As a business owner, I am the only one responsible for keeping my content fresh, inspired and flowing. And, since I work from home, I think it’s super important to surround yourself and your space with things to keep you creative. That can mean your desk space, office space, things you carry with you or, in my case, things you fill your home with.

8 things to always keep around while you work from home to stay inspired, motived + productive. PLUS free "goal-getter" worksheet!

Stay inspired while you work from home

As much as I enjoy the freedom afforded by working from anywhere (which means I get to travel A LOT more)…I am such a homebody. I do have a home office that I work from sometimes. But more often I’m at the kitchen table, on the coach, sitting on my porch or working from my hammock out back.

I’ve made a very conscious effort to fill my home with bits and pieces of creative inspiration so I am never at a loss for ideas. Below is a list of some of my favorite inspiration igniters.

Tarot Cards & Crystals


I love my cards and crystals. They are the perfect medicine when I am feeling stuck. And I feel stuck a lot. So when I do, I pick out a few crystals from my lovely collection and I shuffle through my deck of tarot, asking the cards to show me where I should be putting my focus. I have the answer somewhere hidden, the cards just help bring it forward. Works every time.



Not only do I have vision board above my desk that is bursting at the seams with inspiration, but I’ve also made a point to fill my home with art pieces I’ve collected over time. Some from travels I’ve taken, alone and with my fiance. Some are family heirlooms that have made it through generations to get to their place hanging on my wall. Photos and nick-knacks from all these different moments in time, each carrying its own unique story. The art in my house serves as a bottomless well of inspiration.



My pets are my children. They are the lights of my life. So if there is ever a moment when I’m feel down or stuck or frustrated, I just take a break from the screen and spend some quality time with the fur babies. I have a cat and a dog and they are the quickest cure to a bad day. Instant, sweet relief. One look from them and I can’t even remember why I was upset.


FullSizeRender (8)

Music is a constant in this house. My fiance plays multiple instruments, I love to sing, we collect vinyl and both have a fierce love for our respective favorites. Whenever I’m working, you can bet there is music on. I like to put playlists on random so I can be surprised with what comes next. That helps keep my brain paying attention and open in case inspiration stops by.


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I like to keep plants around when I work from home because I thrive in nature. It makes me feel like my house is alive. I’ve recently taken to filling my home with succulent plants because I was told I couldn’t kill them. Well, that was misleading. Because I can, in fact, kill succulent plants. I can and I have. However, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to surround myself with them. I’ve never been great with plants, but I keep trying in the hopes that over time I’ll develop a green thumb. Still not green, but I’ll keep you posted. I remain hopeful.


IMG_4015 1

I’ve shared my adoration for reading. It’s just the best way to keep yourself sharp. I have a hunger for wanting to know more. I understand that I’ll never know it all, but I’ll always want to. I love reading other people’s stories and taking a glimpse into their lives. I love escaping into a different reality. I love learning. Maybe it sounds nerdy, I don’t care. I never want to stop learning, ever! And when I work from home, sometimes I need a serious break from the screen!


My name is Lauren, and I hoard candles. Wow, it feels good to get that off my chest. At any given time, I have at least three candles burning in my house. I can’t get enough. I like to engage all of my senses when I work from home. Plus, candles are the easiest way to change things up. Yeah, maybe it takes us a while to update our furniture and decor, but I can light a candle one day that makes the house smell like a beach and the next day make it smell like a rain forest. That’s amazing.


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My tea game is super strong. It’s something I take great pride in. Truly, there is no better way to relief a case of writers block than to brew a warm cup of tea and sit out in the sun. I used to work at a tea shop in college, so I know a lot more than I should about tea. And I have a different mixture for every occasion. My favorite’s lately are yogi teas. They have a bag for when you need to wake up, one when you need to sleep, one when your throat’s sore and another when you need to get regular. Whatever is ailing you, they have something for it.

Do you work from home? What are some things you NEED to keep around to stay inspired, motivated and productive? Speaking of productivity, I’ve recently put together a downloadable (and printable) PDF of the list system I use to get ALL of my goals accomplished. Grab yours, now! Enter your email below and it’ll show up right in your inbox ↓

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