Write A Sales Page That Converts To Clients: 7 Easy Steps

Your sales page is your first impression. It’s your one shot to show potential clients WHY they need you. That’s why I dedicated an entire module of my online course specifically to teach you how to write a sales page. I want you to have all the tools to make sure you don’t waste that space. I show you, step-by-step, how to write a sales page that does the selling for you. It’s not “salesy” if you’re giving them what they truly need.

Here are seven simple steps toward write a sales page that's authentic and speaks your truth.

Here are seven simple steps toward write a sales page that’s authentic and speaks your truth:

1. Attention Grabber

This is where you speak directly to your ideal client. Prove to them you know & understand their struggle. Speak in their language. Ask them direct questions and make statements to hit their specific pain points.

2. Credibility

Your experience is why you’re good at what you do.  Your credibility is why you continue to get clients. Credibility is what makes you trustworthy. This is where you answer the question “Why should you hire me?”. Remember! You’re selling the outcome, not the process. You understand what they need, but you sell them what they want.

3. Packages

This is the breakdown of your services. Make the titles short, simple & easy to digest. Show the value in the breakdown, not the prices.

4. Bonus

Here you are going to share lots & lots of ADDED VALUE. These are things that are easy enough for you to produce and they add value to your packages. When listed as a bonus its as if you’re giving something away for free.

5. Testimonials

Kind words ♥ They don’t have to be former clients. Ask friends or people who know you to testify to your character, credentials & commitment.

6. Bio

Here is where you show your personality. Share a picture of yourself and some more about your background. Prove to them why YOU are the person they need for this service. Let your ideal client know why you do what you do, your mission statement*.

(If you want to learn how to craft a mission statement, see my tutorial here)

7. CTA

This is your CALL TO ACTION. Its your last chance to really resonate with them. End with actionable next steps, like prices & payment options. Make sure to use action words and questions (i.e Are you ready to…?)

If you’re stuck trying to write a sales page that resonates with your ideal clients, I can help! Sign up for my online course for just $79! It has six weeks worth of guided content. The week 3 module has the best tips on how to find the words that speak your truth while speaking the language of your ideal client. 

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