You Don’t Have To Be A Social Media Influencer to Have Influence on Social Media

You don’t have to be an “influencer” to have INFLUENCE on these platform. Your words hold so much value. Your story gives someone else a thread of humanity to relate to. You can be that beacon of light someone else needs, just by being thoughtful about what you’re sharing online and why.

I don’t get paid to be online. I WANT to be here. Sharing my words and thoughts, questions and experiences. I used to not want to be here. Like…at all! I left for a while. And now, I’m much more mindful about how much time I am here. And I use that time more wisely. But I’m here. And I have a voice. And I want to use it for good.

Some people DO get paid to be here. This is how they make their living. So when you see that sponsored post or that paid ad, LIKE IT! That person works their ass off to make free content for you to consume all day long and when they get a chance to make money for an ad, they damn well deserve it.

Social media can be a shitty place if we let it. But I don’t think it has to be. I think we can use it to connect and grow and share. Your reach is larger and farther than you know.

It’s not about the numbers. The likes or the follows. It’s about using your time on here to do some GOOD. You’re online anyway, right? Be thoughtful about what you post. Post from your heart and know that it’s reaching someone who needs it. Whether you’re posting on your own feed and stories or commenting on someone else’s posts and sending private messages. Have a conversation. Be open. Be honest. Be human. 

You Don't Have To Be A Social Media Influencer to Have Influence on Social Media

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